In Defense of Your Smartphone Habit

It turns out that smartphones are more than a facilitator of procrastination and social anxiety. According to a new report from Pew Research, avid tech users are more likely to be lifelong learners and engage in personal or professional learning activities, like joining a book club or getting a new job certification.

"The internet’s role in facilitating people’s choice to engage in personal or professional learning hinges to some degree on the tech assets they have," wrote Pew Research's John B. Horrigan. "This turns out to be a good metric for analyzing the association between tech assets and learning among adults."

The adults with access to both technology and an internet connection were roughly 20 percent as likely to engage in these personal and professional learning opportunities than those without either.

Positive learning experiences include reading how-to magazines and consumer publications relating to a personal interest, joining a hobby-related club, attending personal or professional conventions, enrolling in online courses, applying for new jobs, or improving professional skill sets.

Amid claims of cell phones giving you cancer and technology as a psychological hazard, it's refreshing to see smartphones and WiFi linked to overall happiness and well-being in adults. Although it's difficult to quantify the positive aspects of technology, its impact on our day-to-day efficiency and productivity is undeniable. For more on utilizing technology for the good, check out the full report.

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