Here's How to Style a Chic Teen Bedroom

Teen bedroom ideas that pay tribute to an adolescent's style while also keeping the family home looking refined and cohesive are hard to come by. So when we heard that PBTeen recently partnered with designers and fashion stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, we knew they'd be the right women for the job. To find out what the best of-the-moment décor trends and how to mix them with timeless pieces for a room that can grow with parents and teens alike, we asked them to share some insight.

With their expert style tips and visual representations of each, consider this your guide to planning the picture-perfect bedroom, sans the family feuds. Whether you're a sweet 16-year-old pitching a bedroom makeover to your parents or you're a parent with a particularly tough teen who won't let you help in the design process, you'll want to include these bedroom ideas in a PowerPoint presentation to win over the opposition. Happy meltdown-free decorating ahead!

Invest in Classics

Teen Bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

When it comes to investment pieces and staples, keep it "classic and versatile, but textiles and wall décor [should] be more playful and reflect … personal style," advises design duo, Emily and Meritt. As pictured above, a grown-up bed frame can look youthful and fun when paired with bright accessories. On the other hand, a childish staple can't be redecorated to look mature. If you invest now, you won't need a replacement down the line. And this way, you can play with a variety of bed sets and styles throughout the years while personal style fluctuates. In the long run, this approach is a lot more affordable, not to mention easier on the back since you won't have to keep moving heavy beds in and out.

Mix Materials

Teen Bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

Even though many décor trends come and go with the seasons, they happen to be pretty consistent for adults and teens alike. After all, style is style. Emily and Meritt say seeing a lot of "renewed approaches to vessels for greenery and candles," plus a lot of texture experimentation, like "metallic accents." We love the combination of brass and bamboo-like materials in this bedroom.

The warmth of the bed frame and throw along with the energy of the wallpaper balance out the metallic edge of the lamp and planters. And while this room is full of energy, minor adjustments could completely transform the look. For example, a new rug and throw pillows in neutral hues would create a very different aesthetic if you need a change down the line. Also, we recommend using removable wallpaper just in case.

Play With Pattern

Teen Bedroom with a mix of patterns
Alyssa Rosenheck

Emily and Meritt suggest that you "choose bedding and rugs that are classic [so] that different printed blankets and pillows can be layered on with ease." A white sham like the one above is fresh and endlessly versatile. With a tight color pallet, you can "indulge in some serious pattern play" without worrying about committing to it forever.

The design pair also recommends embracing "icons that feel familiar and timeless to both you and your little one." This is particularly true when it comes to wall art. The framed photograph here is calming and stylish, plus it matches with the color palette of the bedroom. We think the best part about this room is the lighting and the hanging chair. Yep, we'd hang out in this little oasis at any age.

Accessorize the Walls

Teen Bedroom with accessories on the walls
Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

We can see this bedroom being a haven from toddlerhood all the way through the teenage years. That collection of throw pillows along with the wall art give it a lasting cool kid vibe. You'd just have to swap out the Lego set with a magazine rack or record case and toss the step-up ladder. And if you ever need to do a quick furniture update, Emily and Meritt suggest you "change knobs of dressers … and think of otherwise functional décor—like lighting or wall hooks—as an opportunity to make a serious style statement!"

PBTeen x Emily & Merritt desk
PBTeen x Emily & Merritt Lilac Desk $599

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