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30 Teen Bedroom Ideas so Good You'll Steal Them for Yourself

teen bedroom decorating tips
Studio DB

Decorating a bedroom for a teenager can cause a lot of tension. There's a balance at play between giving them the freedom to decorate a room that expresses who they are, while also ensuring the rest of the home remains cohesive. The perfect teen bedroom considers all of the versatile ways teens use their space: to spread out and get homework done, hang out with friends, lounge around, and, of course, sleep.

Whether you're looking for tips to create a cheerful and vibrant aesthetic or you need help figuring out how to maximize a small space, these stylish examples of teen bedrooms and décor tips will guide you.

Here are 30 teenage room ideas to create a stylish, age-appropriate room that works for everyone in the family.

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Come up With a Subtle Theme

Surf-inspired teen bedroom with blue throw pillows.

Nicole Hollis Studio

Like throwing a fun party, decorating a room can feel a lot easier when you have a theme guiding you—and there are plenty of ways to do this without making it feel cheesy. For example, this bedroom turns surfboards into wall art while sticking to a coastal color palette. While it incorporates a passion into the décor to personalize the space, it doesn't feel childish in the slightest thanks to the crisp bedding, regal ikat throw pillows, traditional sconces, and clean-lined bed frames. 

A collaborative design idea could be to brainstorm a theme together. Do you emphasize your teen's love for jazz music or passion for basketball? Or should the bedroom highlight a passion for horses or outdoor adventure?

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Swap Out Bedding

Colorful striped bedding on twin beds in bedroom.
Elizabeth Roberts

If your kids share a room, or you invested in smaller bedframes when they were younger but you don't want to splurge for something larger, you can still make it work. It's easy to swap out textiles and bedding, so letting them choose the colors and patterns that reflect their style is another good way to make simple updates. 

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Find Smart Storage

Teen bedroom idea with smart storage.

While the dainty, laid-back linens and use of organic shapes and materials capture our eye the most in this timeless bedroom, the real hero is the smart use of storage space. If you or your teen is someone who thrives in calming, well-organized spaces, clever storage that keeps things clutter-free and aesthetically clean is key. Think a triple-tiered side table or wall units and vertical solutions like floating shelves and hooks. 

Floating shelves help declutter, and there are many ways to style them: Create a statement wall, or wedge them into tight spaces and corners, for example. To keep teen's books sorted, consider a handful of creative ways to store them, like utilizing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, stacking them on the floor, or repurposing furniture.

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Create a Clubhouse Feel

Lofted bed with desk and storage space gives teen bedroom clubhouse feel.
Nicole Hollis Studio

If you have the space and means to transform your teenager's bedroom into a makeshift clubhouse, take note of this room. The built-in storage cubbies and desk make it a practical workspace, while the lofted section is perfect for hanging out with friends and unwinding. Even if you don't have a loft situation, you can create a similar feel with a hanging hammock chair, plush area rugs, and kid-friendly furniture. 

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Reuse Timeless Pieces and Add Youthful Accents

Simple bedroom with bubble-pendant chandelier, iron bed frame, and sconces on each side of the bed.
Elizabeth Roberts

If you invest in timeless pieces, it's easy to repurpose them again and again, breathing new life and personality into them each time. For example, this classic bed frame could suit a younger child, too. To make it feel age-appropriate, swap out accent pieces and bedding.

Then, when they grow up and want a space that feels mature, it can be styled in a new way. The fun, bubble-like pendant light adds personality, yet it's also functional and out of the way, which feels right for a teenager who appreciates style but wants a clean, serious design aesthetic.  

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Welcome Pops of Color

Pops of color like a pink picture frame and orange table lamp brighten a teen bedroom.
Studio DB

Though everything in this room looks thoughtfully curated and would work well in an adult bedroom on its own, together, it all looks youthful and playful. This is thanks to the pops of color that punctuate the classic bed frame and stylish accent chair. 

Or, maybe opt for a brightly printed headboard or throw pillows. For balance, you could also frame posters and flags to elevate the space, which is a nice transitional touch.

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Maximize Space and Elevate Bunkbeds

Bunk beds accented with blush, chunky-knitted throw blankets. A woven basket sits at the head of the bottom bunk.
JH Interior Design

If you're looking for ways to make bunk beds feel grown-up, take note of this room. Building them into the wall also opens up the usable floor space a bit more so they feel comfortable hanging out in there for things aside from sleeping. Bunk beds are also a wise space-saving option if your teenager doesn't have another area to hang out and unwind by themselves. Bunks open up the space for desks or a hangout zone with a sofa. 

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Invest in a Quality Headboard

Gray headboard supports blue bedding and blue patterned carpet

West Elm

A sturdy headboard in a classic shape and hue anchor a room as teen's styles change. If you opt for a fabric one, you can recover it when they move out and you want to turn the room into a guest room.

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Opt for Large-Scale Art

Large scale artwork of Giraffe licking a pink ice cream cone.


Dress up the room with large-scale wall art to make the space feel more mature, and bring your teen into the conversation when selecting it. This way, they'll participate in the design process in a small but meaningful way that makes the room feel more grown-up and personal to them.

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Get Whimsical

Whimsical bedroom with rattan headboard and yellow feather patterned wallpaper.


Add whimsical elements that let a teen's creativity soar, like this golden feather patterned wallpaper, pictured. If you don't want to commit to wallpaper, there are plenty of stylish temporary options out there.

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Highlight a Statement Piece

Statement brass chandelier in teen bedroom with hanging rattan chair and pink bunk beds.


Go bold with a few pieces, like a modern chandelier or a hanging rattan chair. Mix and match styles to make more of a statement (like boho and modern).

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Try an Accent Wall

Modern striped-themed bedroom with blue and black striped accent wall.


Add depth to the bedroom with an accent wall. Choosing a deep, dark color for the accent wall can help make a space appear larger.

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Design for Flexibility

Embellished accents with midcentury furnishings in bedroom.

 West Elm

To keep up with the many phases teens tend to go through, consider styling the room with a neutral base (a classic dresser and simple window treatments for example) and versatile tones that allow for a variety of styles as the years pass. That way, there's room to play, depending on your teen's mood. Colorful posters? Textured throw pillows? String lights? The choice is yours.

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Frame Their Favorites

Framed photos in vertical lineup beside a window in bedroom.


Properly framed photos make perfect transitional pieces as teens grow up, and these days, services like Framebridge make framing photos, special objects, and art prints easy. It helps elevate their childhood posters and make them look a bit more sophisticated.

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Think Beyond "Teen" Furniture Lines

Opalhouse floral-printed bedding and decor in bedroom.


Just because a furniture line is "teen" branded, doesn't mean those are your only options. Stylish and affordable furnishings can be found everywhere, from your local consignment store to budget-friendly retailers like IKEA, Target, and Wayfair.

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Get Creative With Lighting

Strung lights in a cozy living room.



Make like Dream Green DIY blogger's home and string lights overhead for playful ambient light. Or, string them along the wall and use them as a place to pin photos and other mementos.

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Amp up Texture

Faux fur bean bag and rug amp up texture in teen bedroom.

 Pottery Barn

Assuming your teen likes to spend ample time in their room, cozy up the space with feel-good textures and fabrics, like a faux fur rug and plush bedding.

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Display a Map

World map leans atop a sawhorse desk in teen bedroom.

 Pottery Barn 

A map serves as part cool décor, part vision board to help your teen dream about the world of possibilities beyond their bedroom. Hang the map up, or lean it against the wall.

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Don't Forget the Ceiling

Teen room in grays and industrial finishings with constellation wallpaper on ceiling.


Make your teen's ceiling the statement piece of their room and wrap it in a wallpaper print of their choice. Be as dramatic or as subtle as you want.

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Swap a Twin Bed for a Day Bed

Elise Trundle Bed by Pottery Barn Teen

 Pottery Barn 

For small rooms, a day bed does double duty as a lounger and bed. It also gives their friends a place to sit and relax when they come over.

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Mount Objects

sophisticated kids room ideas

Reena Sotropa

Instead of framed prints or artwork, mount unique objects to the wall. Think paper mache flowers, woven baskets, or tapestries. It not only adds texture, but it also adds a serious cool factor to their room.

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Install a Window Seat

kids bedrooms

Design: Katie Hodges, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Want to inspire them to sit and read a book? Install a window seat. With a view to look out on and plush cushions, it'll give them a spot to curl up and finally finish their English assignment.

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Source Cool Lighting


Reserve Home

Skip the basic ceiling fan and find a fun pendant instead. It can really make a room pop and add to the overall design aesthetic. For example, this woven pendant completes the boho feel of this bedroom and adds a fun glow effect to the walls.

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Get Some Floor Pillows

sophisticated kids room designs

Tyler Karu

When friends are over, you can never have enough seating. If you're short on space for furniture, opt for floor pillows. They provide a comfortable place to sit, and can easily be stored in a closet when not in use.

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Create an Accent Wall

kids bedrooms

Design: Citizen Design Co.

Is your teen begging you to paint their walls black? Don't stress. Give them the option to paint an accent wall instead. It'll add some color to their space, without feeling like too much.

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Glam It Up

kids rooms

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co., Photo:VanessaLentine1

From blush wallpaper to a statement headboard, to a brass chandelier, this bedroom is full glam. Dress your teen's room up with luxe linens, fun lighting, and plenty of metallic accents.

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Add Stylish Seating


Design: a NABER Design, Photography: Charlotte Lea

While a desk chair is necessary, it's also nice to have additional seating for friends or just as a spot (other than the bed) to kick back and relax. We love the sleek, leather chair in this teen room. Its small footprint doesn't take up too much space, while its sophisticated silhouette could transition with them to their college apartment.

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Go Boho

Boho bedroom

Design: Sarah Yates Mora

If your teen is dying for the boho bedroom makeover of their dreams, make it happen with plenty of rattan accents, patterned linens, and flowy window treatments. Add some feathers in a small vase for good measure.

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Add a Bulletin Board


Zainab's Things

Give them the perfect spot to pin up polaroids, memorabilia, or their personal artwork with a bulletin board. Everything they love can be displayed without having to make additional holes in the wall.

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Make a Vanity

statement mirrors

 Room and Root

Getting ready is so much better with a designated spot for hair and makeup. If you want a budget-friendly option, simply repurpose a small accent table by adding a mirror above it. A small stool can function as seating.