12 Teen Bedroom Ideas So Good You'll Steal Them for Yourself

Updated 07/20/18

Decorating a bedroom for a teenager—or with their help—can cause a lot of tension. Not only do you want to guide them to decorate a room that feels cohesive with the rest of the home while also giving them enough freedom to do as they please, but you also want to accomplish this without getting into any arguments that end in tears of slammed doors. Well, consider our 12 teenage room ideas your solution to decorating a stylish, age-appropriate room that works for everyone in the family.

Repurpose items from your younger years with these teenage bedroom decorating ideas.

Whether you're looking for tips to create a cheerful and vibrant aesthetic or you need help figuring out how to maximize a small space, these stylish examples of teen bedrooms will guide you. Scroll through to get inspired, regardless of your age. 

Come Up With a Subtle Theme

teen bedroom ideas
Nicole Hollis Studio

Like throwing a fun party, decorating a room can feel a lot easier when you have a theme guiding you. And there are plenty of ways to do this without making it feel cheesy. For example, the bedroom above turns surfboards into wall art while sticking to a coastal color palette. While it incorporates a passion into the décor to personalize the space, it doesn't feel childish in the slightest. This is thanks to the crisp bedding, regal ikat throw pillows, traditional sconces, and clean-lined bedframes.


Dane Deck 8.5
Polar Skate Co. Dane Deck 8.5 $86
Indigo Ikat Jacquard Throw Pillow: Blue - Polyester - 20
Cost Plus World Market Indigo Ikat Jacquard Throw Pillow $25 $20

Opt For Large-Scale Art and Swap Out Bedding

kids bedroom ideas
Elizabeth Roberts

If your kids share a room, or you invested in smaller bedframes when they were younger but you don't want to splurge for something larger, you can still make it work. Dress up the room with large-scale wall art to make the space feel more mature, and bring your teen into the conversation when selecting it. This way, they'll be able to participate in the design process in a low-touch but meaningful way that makes the room feel more grown-up and personal to them. It's also easy to swap out textiles and bedding, so letting them choose the colors and patterns that reflect their style is another good way to make simple updates.


Marc Gabor Hudson Valley $570
Nero Black Accent Table - Crate and Barrel
Crate & Barrel Nero Black Accent Table $269

Stick to the Basics and Find Smart Storage

cool bedroom ideas

Not all teenagers want kitschy posters and bright colors dominating in their bedrooms. Sometimes simple and sweet does the trick. And while the dainty, laid-back linens and use of organic shapes and materials capture our eye the most in this timeless bedroom, the real hero is the smart use of storage space. If you or your child is someone who thrives in calming, well-organized spaces, clever storage that keeps things clutter-free and aesthetically clean is key. Think triple-tiered side table or wall units and vertical solutions like floating shelves and hooks.


H&M Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set $129
Revisions Design Hanging Two-Tiered Ceramic Fruit Basket $90

Create a Clubhouse Feel

teenage room ideas
Nicole Hollis Studio

If you have the space and means to transform your teenager's bedroom into a makeshift clubhouse, take note from the room above. The built-in storage cubbies and desk make it a practical workspace, while the lofted section is perfect for hanging out with friends and unwinding. Even if you don't have a loft situation, you can create a similar feel with a hanging hammock chair, plush area rugs, and kid-friendly furniture. 

Novica Rope Hammock Swing Chair $94
West Elm Ladder Shelf Desk $223

Reuse Timeless Pieces and Add Youthful Accents

teen bedroom tips
Elizabeth Roberts

If you invest in timeless pieces, you'll be able to repurpose them again and again, breathing new life and personality into them each time. For example, this classic bed frame could be suit a younger child, too, it just takes a little creativity and swapping out accent pieces and bedding that feel age-appropriate.

Then, when they grow up and want a space that feels mature, it can be styled in a new way. The fun bubble-like pendant light also adds some fun personality, yet it's also functional and out of the way, which feels right for a teenager who appreciates style but wants a clean, serious design aesthetic.  

Bubble Glass Orb Chandelier: White by World Market
Cost Plus World Market Bubble Glass Orb Chandelier $200
Crate& Barrel Casey Black Iron Bed $810

Welcome Pops of Color and Versatile Pieces

teen bedroom decorating tips
Studio DB

Though everything in this room looks thoughtfully curated and would work well in an adult bedroom on its own, together, it all looks youthful and playful. This is thanks to the pops of color that punctuate the classic bedframe and stylish accent chair. 

Natural Basket Chair
CB2 Natural Basket Chair $599
Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp
Pablo Pixo Optical LED Table Lamp $219

Maximize Space and Elevate Bunkbeds

teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms
JH Interior Design

If you're looking for ways to make bunk beds feel grown up, take note from the room above. Building them into the wall also opens up the usable floor space a bit more so they feel comfortable hanging out in there for things aside from sleeping. Bunk beds are also a wise space-saving option if your teenager doesn't have another area to hang out in and unwind by themselves since it opens up the space for things like desks or a hangout zone with a sofa. 

Henley Wool Throw
Serena & Lily Henley Wool Throw $598
Teak Ladder
Serena & Lily Teak Ladder $348

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