Tempaper's Newest Collection Will Transport You Right to the Tropics

Design studio She She brought island inspiration to this collaboration.

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Beachy wallpaper in minimalistic bedroom with two rattan pendants.

Courtesy of Tempaper

Right now, we could use some island time—we can already picture the crystal-clear ocean waves, beige beaches that span for miles, and lively interiors of hotel lobbies. Lucky for us, the next best thing just launched from Tempaper, the beloved removable wallpaper brand. They teamed up with design studio She She to release a collection inspired by the casual, coastal lifestyle of Curaçao—and we're sure you will love it.

The co-founders of She She, Kate Worum and Jenny Jorgensen, gathered loads of inspiration for this collection on a trip to the Dutch Caribbean. The energy and ferocity of Curaçao is on full display with the design, including prints inspired by sunrise yoga, wild island exploration, and sunbaked tones of the landscape.

We spoke with Tempaper co-founders, Jennifer Matthews and Julia Au, as well as the design duo behind She She to get the scoop on this new collection. Read on to explore the prints in this collection, plus tips from the Tempaper and She She creatives on how to incorporate them into your home without a hitch.

Meet the Expert

  • Jennifer Matthews and Julia Au are the co-founders of Tempaper, acting as CCO and CEO respectively.
  • Kate Worum and Jenny Jorgensen are the co-founders of design studio, She She, a multidisciplinary print and pattern studio specializing in wallpaper, fabric, and home furnishings.
Blue floral wallpaper behind neutral bed and wooden nightstand.

Courtesy of Tempaper

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

Each design by She She is full of personality in a sophisticated way, according to Matthews and Au, making this collection a perfect addition to Tempaper's current offerings. 

"I think their elevated approach to design fits well within our brand," they explain. "Their level of detail and playfulness offer a unique approach to tropical styles and beyond."

The pair behind She She share their motivation for taking the trip and their first thoughts upon seeing the beautiful island of Curaçao.

"We decided to go to Curaçao because we saw pictures of their downtown waterfront, lined with all of the brightly colored buildings, and the Queen Emma bridge," they explain. "We thought to ourselves, if She She designed a city, this might be what it looked like."

We thought to ourselves, if She She designed a city, this might be what it looked like.

Rattan chair in front of tropical blue wallpaper.

Courtesy of Tempaper

Upon arrival, the duo took in the sights and was instantly inspired.

"The sand had a warm, subtle pink tone, and the water was a gorgeous bright blue, so we spent most of our time just wandering through nature," they share. "It was so beautiful and inspiring to see the native flowers and the mauve-colored coral against the burgundy rocks. This collection is centered around our color memories of the island, which are nearly all pink and blue."

What's amazing about this collection is its versatility. If you read "tropical" and immediately envisioned bright teal and orange floral wallpaper, think again—these prints are energetic, adaptable, and far from kitschy. We're optimistic that they'll work perfectly in any room of your home.

"Our goal was to design a pattern for everyone in this collection, and we think the patterns have a wide range of moods and aesthetics that all play together nicely," Worum and Jorgensen note.

Explore the Collection:

Tempaper Queen Emma

Queen Emma wallpaper


Named after the gateway to Curaçao, the Queen Emma Bridge, this adaptable print mirrors the arches that stretch across the bridge.

"Queen Emma delivers a fresh spin on art deco and the arch trend that's present in architecture and design," Worum and Jorgensen say. "We love its large-scale and painterly texture. We think the large-scale 'Queen Emma' arches would be dreamy and relaxing in a bedroom." 

The print is offered in a soft pink colorway that feels feminine and bright, as well as a moody blue that will bring depth and drama to any room.

Tempaper Maria en Patricia

Maria en Patricia wallpaper.


This pattern tells a story of exploration and friendship. While exploring the island for some reflection and inspiration, Maria met Patricia, and they later spent their days enjoying sunrise yoga and all the island's offerings. This tropical print is an homage to that story, showcasing sweet baby birds and lots of foliage.

Tempaper Flamingo Salinas

Flamingo Salinas wallpaper.


While traveling through the muddy ponds of the island (Salinas) on a quest to spot some flamingos, the pair also picked up some inspiration for this flamingo-inspired pattern.

"Not surprisingly, we are pattern people," Worum and Jorgensen say. "We are non-judgmental and accepting of all patterns in all places. We've designed both of our houses with these patterns in every room on a few different occasions."

Tempaper Flamboyan



This adorable floral print is inspired by the Flaming Flamboyan tree of Curaçao. "We are both dying to install the textural small-scale 'Flamboyan' floral in our dining room and nursery," the pair say.