This Mug "Changed the Way I Drink Coffee," Says a Coffee Connoisseur

Updated 11/13/17

If you're an avid coffee drinker, you know the contentment that comes from slowly sipping a cup of piping hot coffee in the morning before the day begins. The only pitfall of this ceremonious ritual is the possibility of savouring your brew too slowly and ending up with a lukewarm or even cold cup of stale coffee. Thankfully, it seems as though this may be a problem of the past, as technology is catching up with the age-old dilemma (and no, it's not zapping your mug in the microwave). The temperature control brand Ember recently released a new coffee mug that will change the way you drink coffee—or, at least, that's how Popular Science writer and self-proclaimed "coffee guy" Billy Cadden feels.

"The Ember ceramic mug changed the way I'll drink coffee," he writes for the science and tech mag. That's because this mug uses a high-tech heating system to keep your cup of joe at an optimal temperature while you enjoy. It's made of reinforced stainless steel and comes with a coaster that doubles as a charger for the device. Quite possibly the smartest feature, the mug senses when it's empty and puts itself into sleep mode until it recognises movement.

Because no tech product would be complete without an app to accompany it, you can adjust the temperature you wish to keep your coffee at via your smartphone or Apple Watch. Are you ready to change the way you drink your coffee? Shop the mug below.

Ember Ceramic Mug $105

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