The Best Places to Buy Temporary Wallpaper Online

One might think the best thing about owning your own place has to do with forgoing rent checks forever—and it is—but a surprising close second involves wallpaper. Installing wallpaper typically isn’t an option for renters, as it’s permanent and not security deposit-friendly. However, in recent years, we’ve discovered more and more options for temporary wallpaper. Here are the best places to find the peel-and-stick solution.

Andy Warhol’s pop art isn’t just for the MOMA anymore. Flavour Paper’s new EZ Papes material makes adding some of Warhol’s work to your place totally doable.

Flavour Paper Small Flowers $300

Flavour Paper Small Flowers ($300)

Flavour Paper Queen Elizabeth $300

Flavour Paper Queen Elizabeth ($300)

The best part of Hygge & West’s removable wallpaper tiles (roughly 24 x 32 inches) isn’t that they’re easy to put up or don’t leave a residue. It’s that if you get a stain on one, it’s easily replaceable.

Hygge & West Raindrops Tile $33

Hygge & West Raindrops Tile ($33)

Hygge & West Otomi Red Tile $28

Hygge & West Otomi Red Tile ($28)

Not only does Anthropologie have a solid stock of temporary wallpaper options, but the store carries murals as well. Nothing can make quite the same statement as a full wall mural.

Anthropologie Etched Arcadia Mural $298

Anthropologie Etched Arcadia Mural ($298)

Anthropologie Bee Colony Wallpaper $128

Anthropologie Bee Colony Wallpaper ($128)

CB2 continues to cater to city dwellers and apartment-renters with their collection of self-adhesive wallpapers in clean, modern patterns that suit any metropolitan space.

CB2 Pinball Self-Adhesive Wallpaper $100
CB2 Facade Self-Adhesive Wallpaper $100

No paste or water is required to hang these colourful and graphic papers up in your home. Tempaper’s geometric prints are fun, but you can’t go wrong with a romantic floral or bold stripe.

Tempaper Cotton Blue Stripe $85

Tempaper Cotton Blue Stripe ($85)

Tempaper Gold Leaf Peonies $98

Tempaper Gold Leaf Peonies ($98)

You may be surprised to know that the hip retailer has an impressive supply of temporary wallpaper. Trendy patterns like polka dots and chevron are in ample supply, along with some more unique options.

Urban Outfitters Chasing Paper Dot Removable Wallpaper $59

Urban Outfitters Chasing Paper Dot Removable Wallpaper ($59)

Urban Outfitters Walls Need Love Barn Swallows Removable Wallpaper $68

What’s your favourite temporary wallpaper? Let us know below. 

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