Actress Teresa Palmer Talks Turning 30 and Being a Working Mom in Hollywood

If you walked past Teresa Palmer on the streets of Los Angeles, you'd have no idea the laid back actress is one of the biggest up-and-comers of 2016 with eight films due for release. Far from her paparazzi-ready peers, Palmer is refreshingly down-to-earth, likely sans makeup with her 21-month-old son Bodhi in tow. She's the kind of celebrity that has everyone whispering "How does she do it?" In the February issue of Elle Australia, Palmer tells all.  

"It's my favorite thing in the entire world," she says about motherhood in her interview with Elle. "I want to have six children!" Years ago, Palmer admits becoming a mom would have halted her Hollywood career, but she says a lot has changed. "I've really made a point of saying I'm the sort of parent who wants to be with my son. So that means he's going to be on set with me," she says. "I've been so impressed, and, I've got to say, surprised that everyone has been so welcoming. I haven't been faced with a no yet."

When planning their cover shoot, Elle Associate Editor Genevra Leek says having Bodhi involved was important to Palmer. "For Teresa, her son Bodhi comes first," she told MyDomaine. "They clearly adore each other and the special bond they share really shines through." Fashion Director Rachel Wayman adds, "She is such a gentle and caring mother and he flourishes around her."

Aside from talking freely about being a working mom in Hollywood, Teresa Palmer is also outspoken about what it's like to grow older in the industry. Unlike many other actresses, she says age has benefited her career. "When I was younger I think I was pigeonholed," she says. "I was cast in these roles and played the object of a man's affection… As I've grown older I realise I don't want to do any more of those roles. I really want to portray a strong women who has a real voice."

It's that newfound strong resolve that's landed Palmer some big roles. If you didn't see her recently in the film Point Break, keep an eye out for the Australian actress in The Choice, Triple 9 and Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge. 

Still wondering how the actress juggles two children with a Hollywood career while maintaining a zen state of mind? The answer is more profound than you'd expect. A true hippie at heart, Palmer pens her insights about health and wellness on her website Your Zen Life and sees a meditation teacher fortnightly. In fact, her Los Angeles home with director Mark Webber is a '60s "treehouse" in Beachwood Canyon, complete with a meditation house out back. 

It's a contradiction that runs throughout her life but seems to sit in perfect balance. Whatever her secret, one thing's for sure: We're keeping an eye on Teresa Palmer. 

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