You Know About Terrazzo Flooring, Right? Here's Why You're Seeing It Everywhere

Consider it the design trend that you've always known by look but perhaps never by name. Recently, terrazzo flooring has reemerged as one of the most desirable details of a modern home, which is an irony that shouldn't be lost on long-standing banks, airport terminals, and dentistry buildings inspired by the Italian Renaissance. But if you've seen this material in those spaces before, you've likely not seen how terrazzo flooring is being used now.

The material consists of a sleek concrete surface flecked with glittering pieces of stone that can be interchanged to match a surrounding aesthetic. And given that versatility, terrazzo is now at the center of a rekindled demand. "I think it complements the maximalist spirit that everyone has been embracing as of late," Caitlin Murray, founder and interior designer of Black Lacquer Design, says. "With the variance in fleck sizes of marble or quartz and the unlimited choices in colors, it's a material that displays a lot of personality, and invites a ton of creativity."

We asked Murray for more of her insights into terrazzo flooring, and why it should be considered as part of either a big home renovation or as a simple switch of accessories. Whatever the inspiration may be, terrazzo should definitely be getting your attention.