Tesla's Luxury Electric SUV Is Here + the New C-3PO Speaker Is Epic

  • Telsa’s luxury electric SUV is redefining the electric market. After being teased for years, six people have been handed the keys to the new Model X, worth $130,000. One charge will get you 250 miles, it transports seven people, and it’s fast. But perhaps the most futuristic aspect of the new SUV is its “falcon” doors, which lift up like the wings of a bird. If you order one today, Tesla estimates you will have a Model X in eight to 12 months. — Wired
  • Canada is putting the recession behind it, with its second straight month of growth. This looks set to continue into the third quarter, too, beating all economist estimates, which forecasted only 0.2% during the month. Much of the growth was driven by the mining, oil, and gas sector. Finance Minister Joe Oliver said, “We’re comfortable that growth will continue.” — Financial Post
  • Kim Kardashian said Kanye West is serious about running for president. Speaking on the Ellen show, Kim said she wasn’t aware of his plans before his announcement at the MTV Video Music Awards, but she believes him. “He’s serious. I believe he is serious, and I know that, you know, if he puts his mind to something, he’ll do his best,” she said. She also revealed how “fun” it would be as first lady to redecorate the White House. — Huffington Post
  • Now you can listen to music through C-3PO + Stormtrooper heads. The new Star Wars speakers on Kickstarter amplify high-quality sound wirelessly via their smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. You can also plug it in directly via aux. The speakers both offer “loud, crisp, and clear audio” while a down-facing ported subwoofer offers ground-shaking bass. — DesignBoom
  • Whoopi Goldberg says she “doesn’t laugh enough.” In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Academy Award–winning actress said it was the one thing she would change about herself. “I would laugh more. I don’t laugh enough,” but humor is what she values most in her friends: "Humor and honesty. Realness. No bullsh*t." — Vanity Fair