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18 Thanksgiving Color Schemes to Try This Year

thanksgiving colors

wild rose country home

Nights are getting longer, days are getting colder—and just like that, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. And as this festive feast day approaches, it's time to plan your Thanksgiving décor. More autumnal than Christmas and more elegant than Halloween, Thanksgiving décor certainly deserves its place in seasonal celebrations.

But Thanksgiving decorations are far more than ceramic turkeys and woven cornucopias, all in the traditional fall hues—instead, this holiday can be celebrated with deep blues and dusty beiges, or with the classic burnt oranges and reds. Keep reading to discover all the different ways you can use color to provide some 'oomph' to your Thanksgiving decor.

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Gold and Umber

thanksgiving colors gold and umber

finding lovely

For a classically fall look, pair gold with deep umber. Mimicking the golden hues of late fall foliage, Gold is a great accent color for tablescapes—use gold cutlery or placemats—while umber looks beautiful in table linens or floral displays.

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Deep Red and Navy

thanksgiving colors navy and red

casa watkins living

If you want to move past the classic orange and red Thanksgiving pairing, try out red and navy. Deep hues of blue and red create a lush and elegant tablescape. Try out this color combo in the living room too, with red candlesticks and a decorative navy vase.

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Orange and Pink

thanksgiving colors orange and pink

finding lovely

Looking to bring some brighter color to Thanksgiving this year? Try pairing orange with soft pink. In the dining room, try this color scheme out with mini pumpkins set alongside pops of pink flowers. In the kitchen, give this a try with a small orange mum and soft pink dishcloths.

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Tan and Green

thanksgiving colors tan and green

cottage and sea

Houseplant lover? Lucky you— your transition over to Thanksgiving color is as easy as can be. Pair the various hues of greens of your many houseplants with the muted tan tones of dried pampas grass and wheat. The seasonal contrast will make each color look even better.

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Beige and Orange

thanksgiving colors beige and orange

finding lovely

A beautifully neutral color combo for Thanksgiving can be found in beige and deep orange. For a perfectly peaceful look, stay away from the brighter side of orange's color spectrum, and bring in beige with lots of texture, like woven baskets or stalks of dried wheat.

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Teal and Green

thanksgiving colors teal and green

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Yes, teal can be a Thanksgiving color! For a unique fall look, bring in this summery color and pair it with pops of green. But to make this color combo feel seasonal, you'll need to bring in seasonal elements—consider teal pumpkins or a teal vase filled with dried florals.

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Black and Burnt Orange

thanksgiving colors black and burnt orange

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Looking to bring a Thanksgiving feeling into the kitchen? After all, it is the hub of so much of the holiday. For a seasonal color scheme in the kitchen, pair black with burnt orange. Warm, inviting burnt orange meshes easily alongside deep black hardware or appliances.

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Orange and Green

A Thanksgiving tablescape with berries and candles

Casa Watkins Living

Another classic Thanksgiving color combo? Orange and green. And for a good reason too—the reddish hues of orange complement deep green fantastically, and they hint at the Christmas season to come. This color combo fits well in floral arrangements and tablescapes.

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Brass and Beige

thanksgiving colors brass and beige

cottage and sea

If you'd rather shy away from a more modern-feeling Thanksgiving, go for a more vintage look. For a more vintage-feeling Thanksgiving color combo, pair brass with beige. Brass candlesticks or light fixtures give any room a cozy, old-time feel, while beige florals and linens bring in the muted vibes of late fall.

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Brown and Yellow

thanksgiving colors brown and yellow

milk and honey life

Brown and yellow is another winning Thanksgiving color combo, especially if your home already has a rustic or farmhouse look. For this color scheme to shine, pair untreated or barely-stained wood with pops of muted yellow, like dried florals or throw pillows.

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Tan and Beige

thanksgiving colors tan and beige

modernly you

Looking to really amp up that neutrals feeling this holiday season? Stick with what you love and pair a light beige alongside a warm tan. To make the space feel seasonal with otherwise simple colors, pick fall accents, like pumpkins or dried wreaths, in more muted-colors.

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Black and Tan

thankgiving colors black and tan

wild rose country home

Another easy Thanksgiving color pairing in the kitchen can be found in black and tan. Black tiles or countertops provide a versatile backdrop for seasonal tans and beiges to sit upon and shine. This Thanksgiving look can work outdoors too—pair black season accents near your wooden deck or patio furniture.

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Black, White, and Green

thanksgiving colors black and white green

modern house vibes

One of fall's best patterns is gingham. And what better way to dress the Thanksgiving table than with black and white gingham napkins and seasonal greenery? This easy look uses colors that are loved all year-round, meaning you won't need to toss or store the decor out of sight once the holiday has passed.

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Black and Green

thanksgiving colors black and green


The always-classic black shines easily alongside green in this unique Thanksgiving color scheme. Pair a black tablecloth or throw alongside green accents in flatware or candles for a fall look that will work well into the Christmas season—all you'll need to do is add a little red.

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Orange and Orange

thanksgiving colors orange

modern house vibes

For a monochrome effect this Thanksgiving, take one of the season's most synonymous colors—orange—and decorate your space with a variety of hues. An elegant, minimalist look can be found in lighter, muted oranges, while a bright and cheery feeling can be found in more bold oranges.

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Black and Yellow

thanksgiving colors black and yellow


Take a few color cues from Halloween with this Thanksgiving color combo. A warm, cozy yellow meshes easily with matte black, creating an elegant and inviting seasonal color scheme. Take this look up a notch by embracing different texture for each color too, like pairing yellow linens with smooth black ceramics.

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Black, Red, and Tan

thanksgiving colors black red and tan

wild rose country home

This stunning color trio screams "Thanksgiving" like nothing else. A muted, matte black serves as the base color, while red and tan provide pops of seasonal color. The versatility of this color scheme means it will work in just about any space—from the dining room table to the double bath.

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Red and Off-White

thanksgiving colors red and off-white

Afro Bohemian Living

Rich and deep red is the perfect color companion to off-white in this seasonal color combo. For an easy Thanksgiving look, place red candlesticks on off-white furniture or shelving for decor that will pop.