15 Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas to Steal From Your Favorite Instagrammers

thanksgiving table

The Bouqs Co.

While the Thanksgiving feast is obviously the main attraction (bring on the turkey!), a well-decorated tablescape can help show off all those tasty eats. After all, when you’re putting that much energy into the meal itself, you want the final presentation to look good. Really, really good. 

Plus, a little Thanksgiving décor makes the holiday feel more festive, too. From the elegant look of pretty fall flowers (like the bouquet from the Bouqs Co. above) to the laid-back look of pumpkins paired with plaid, decorating your table with something a little special is one sure way to be crowned the hostess with the mostess. 

Depending on the amount of energy you have after all that cooking, here are 15 Thanksgiving table decorating ideas to steal from Instagrammers with style—no matter how in-depth (or not!) you want to get.

1. Fold Your Napkins the Fancy Way

Don’t worry—this napkin folding style is easier than it looks! To create the bow shape, simply cinch your folded napkin in the center with a piece of ribbon.

2. Consider Edible Décor

This Thanksgiving table idea from A Beautiful Mess is a feast for your eyes and your stomach. Lay down brown kraft paper as a table runner and style colorful fruits and nuts down the length of it to create a centerpiece that’s entirely edible.

3. Put a Mini Pumpkin on Every Plate

If you’re short on time, placing a small pumpkin on every plate is a super fast way to add a festive touch. White pumpkins are simple and elegant, whereas traditional orange ones create a more seasonal feel.

4. Accent With Candles

While it might feel like overkill, adding a few candles here and there is a smart choice. It helps “fill out” your table centerpiece, while giving your space great ambiance. Just avoid overly scented ones, since you don’t want their smell to detract from the taste of your food.

5. Achieve Affordable Elegance

A series of tall glass candleholders in various shapes, sizes, and heights creates an instant sense of elegance. However, this rich feel comes without the luxury price tag, since you can generally find both colorful taper candles and glass containers at the Dollar Store.

6. Welcome Each Guest a Flower 

To make your guests feel extra special, give this table décor idea from luxury event planner and florist, Corrie Spearing of 333 Designs a try. Present your friends and family with “mini bouquets” as soon as they sit down by placing an individual flower—complete with a twine bow around its stem—at each place setting.

7. Go for Contrast

Choosing one strong accent color, like a seasonal orange, and using it sparingly in your table décor is an easy way to make your table pop. Keep the rest of your look neutral to add to the wow-factor.

8. Make a Cornucopia-Inspired Centerpiece

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! calls this her favorite Thanksgiving décor DIY—and for good reason. What could be more fun than making a cornucopia centerpiece out of ice cream cones?

9. Use Pumpkins as Name Cards

If you have a seating plan in mind, skip traditional place setting cards and try something more fun: Write the names of each guest on a miniature pumpkin and set it at their seat instead.

10. Make Chic DIY Placements

Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth made these DIY placemats out of faux leather vinyl using a Cricut craft machine, but you can use scissors to cut designs from vinyl fabric, too. Plus, they’re super easy to clean—just wipe ‘em down with a damp rag and you’re done.

11. Use Evergreen Boughs as a Fable Runner 

Add an organic touch to your tablescape—and avoid having to purchase multiple items—by crafting a timeless centerpiece out of an evergreen garland.

Just be sure to lay down brown kraft paper first, so the tines don’t get stuck in your tablecloth and you can simply wrap it up as soon as dinner is done.

12. Turn Your Napkins Into Table Accents

Rather than folding them like normal, make your cloth napkins an appealing part of your table’s décor by loosely tying them in a knot and setting them beside each dinner plate. Choosing napkins in a bold but complimentary color will help them get noticed.

13. Turn Pumpkins Into Planters

If you want to go all out, making these pumpkin succulent planters is the way to do it. Make them toward the beginning of the month so you can enjoy them all season long.

14. Think Rustic

For a farmhouse-inspired feel, an iron lantern with a small vase of flowers makes an intriguing centerpiece. Accent with wood slices—or even consider using large ones as hot plates for your Thanksgiving dishes.

15. Hang Flowers From Your Dining Room Chandelier

While it’s a lofty idea to say the least, this look is 100 percent Instagrammable. Depending on the design of your dining room light fixture, you can hang bouquets of fresh flowers from it with twine to really go the extra mile.

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