15 Holiday Décor Ideas to Borrow From Experts in Entertaining

Thanksgiving table

Design: Anne Sage, Photo: Echo + Earl

While the delicious spread of food is easily the holidays' main attraction, a well-decorated tablescape can help show off all those tasty eats. After all, when you're putting that much energy into the meal, you'll probably want the final presentation to look good.

Plus, a little holiday décor makes the day feel more festive, too. From the elegant look of pretty fall flowers to the laid-back look of pumpkins paired with plaid, decorating your table with something a little more festive is one sure way to be crowned the hostess with the mostest. 

Depending on the amount of energy you have after all that cooking, try out one of these 15 delectable table decorating ideas from the experts.

Fold Your Napkins in a Fancy Way

Bue table
Design: The College Housewife

Don't worry—this napkin-folding style is easier than it looks! All you have to do is fold it in half so that it's in the shape of a large triangle, then just tie it in a loose knot. It may be simple, but it's a fun and fresh alternative to the typical rectangular shape that most people go for.

Consider Edible Décor

Thanksgiving table decor
Design: The College Housewife 

This table idea from The College Housewife is a feast for your eyes and your stomach. Lay a table cloth and style colorful fruits and nuts down its length to create an entirely edible centerpiece.

Put a Mini Pumpkin on Every Plate

Pumpkin Decor
Design: Oh How Charming

If you’re short on time, try placing a small pumpkin on every plate as décor. It is a super-fast way to add a festive touch. White pumpkins are simple and elegant, whereas traditional orange ones create a more seasonal feel.

Accent With Candles

Candles as accents
Design: Darling Down South

While it might feel like overkill, adding a few candles here and there is a smart choice. It helps fill out your centerpiece while giving your space a great ambiance. Just avoid overly scented ones since you don’t want their smell to detract from the taste of your food.

Focus on the Florals

Floral Thanksgiving table
Design: Molly Sohr

If you have a rectangular or oval table, opt for a floral centerpiece that is longer than it is tall. That way, there's no excess of empty space, and guests sitting on opposite sides of the table can actually see each other.

Welcome Each Guest a Flower 

Thanksgiving table
Design: Anne Sage

To make your guests feel extra special, give this table décor idea a try. Present your friends and family with mini bouquets as soon as they sit down by placing a mini bundle of florals and plants—complete with a twine bow around its stem—at each place setting.

Go for Neutrals

Thanksgiving Table Setting
Design: Sugar and Charm

Choosing one strong accent color, like a seasonal orange, and using it sparingly in your table décor is an easy way to make your table pop. However, if you don't want to go out and by seasonal-themed décor, sticking with an easy neutral palette is always a safe bet. Plus, it allows the food to stand out.

Keep It Simple

Simple thanksgiving table
 Design: M Starr Design

Hosting your friends and family for the holidays can feel like a lot of pressure, so if decorating an extravagant tablescape is just too much for you, skip it. There's nothing wrong with keeping the table décor pared down and simple.

Don't Forget About Name Cards

Name Card
 Design: The Every Hostess, Photo: Amy Caroline

If you have quite a few guests coming to your holiday dinner, skip the stress and awkwardness of letting guests figuring out where they sit. Instead, make (or buy) place cards to avoid any more hassle than you're already dealing with.

Go Glam

Holiday table setting
Design: The Every Hostess

The Holidays are definitely not famous for the most glamorous decorations, so why not go against the grain and add a touch of sparkle to your table? Such simple elements as gold cutlery and beaded placemats make a huge difference.

Use Evergreen Boughs as a Runner 

Thanksgiving Table Ideas
Design: Oh How Charming

Add an organic touch to your tablescape—and avoid having to purchase multiple items—by crafting a timeless centerpiece out of an evergreen garland.

To minimize the cleanup after your guests head home, consider laying down brown kraft paper under the vines so the leaves don't get stuck in your tablecloth or the wood fibers if you're forgoing a cloth. When dinner is done, all you have to do wrap everything up in the kraft paper and toss it in the trash.

Nix the Tablecloth

Table Runner
Design: Sugar and Charm

A tablecloth may feel a little too old fashioned for some. If you fall into that group, try a table runner; they're a bit more contemporary but still manage to add a touch of charisma and charm to your table.

Turn Pumpkins Into Planters

Pumpkin flower vase
Design: Darling Down South

If you want to go all out, making these pumpkin planters is the way to do it. Make them toward the beginning of the month so you can enjoy them all season long.

Think Rustic

Rustic farmhouse decorations
Design: M Starr Design

A small vase of white flowers makes an intriguing centerpiece for a farmhouse-inspired feel—accent with wood or wicker serving bowls to complete the look.

Hang Flowers From Your Chandelier

Dining room decor
Design: M Starr Design

While it’s a lofty idea, to say the least, this look is 100 percent Instagrammable. Depending on the design of your dining room light fixture, you can hang bouquets of fresh flowers from it with twine to really go the extra mile.

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