3 Simple Ways to Detox After a Thanksgiving Binge

Have the last few days of Thanksgiving traditions left you feeling sluggish and bloated? Do you feel that familiar pang of guilt (and stomach pains) encroaching as the festivities wind down and Sunday evening approaches? Overindulgence inevitably comes hand in hand with the holidays. Between overabundant buffets and multiple servings of our favorite sides, our bellies—and bodies as a whole—are in need of some post-Turkey Day TLC and recovery.

Commit to getting your Thanksgiving break body back on track by easing up on the leftovers and refueling with clean foods packed with the right nutrients. Get back to your healthy self and return to the work week on the right foot with these straightforward ways to detox after a Thanksgiving binge.

Drink lots of water. One of the most important things you can to get your body back on track after the holidays is drink lots and lots of water. You need to flush your system of the excess toxin intake from overeating and drinking. Hydrating with warm lemon water can replenish your body with electrolytes and help your liver to produce enzymes that support digestion and purge toxins.

Sub in nutrient-rich ingredients. In addition to cutting down on indulgent comfort foods, you should be incorporating certain foods proven to detox your body. Ingredients like garlic, beets, and avocado support the body's natural purification process. Make sure to incorporate high-fiber foods into your diet to clean out your gut.

Get moving. You don't need to hit the gym with a hard workout session to reset your body after the break. Doing some simple stretching and going on brisk walks can help get your body's circulation going, calming the nervous system, and encouraging digestion.

Do you have some post-Thanksgiving detox tips of your own? Share yours with us in the comments.