Color-Packed Thanksgiving Centerpiece: A Step-by-Step Guide

Between the four-hour roasted turkey and the in-laws, you've got enough on your Thanksgiving plate to deal with, without the stress of creating statement-making tabletop décor. To take some of the question marks out of your planning, we've teamed up with LEAFtv and Peggy North of Fire and Creme to bring you an easy-to-follow guide to a color-packed holiday centerpiece. mvp-header
22 This glass vase makes the perfect starter for a grand arrangement. The glass pedestal allows for foliage to cascade down and spread out. Wazon Koral Glass Pedestal Bowl, $20, Jamali Garden
step1 Here we opted for big bunches of green hydrangea, vivid fuchsia dahlias, and assorted flowers in varying shades of orange.


Prep stems by removing greens from the bottom half and trimming to equal lengths. Trim to size, using the height of your container to determine the length (you can adjust when assembling).


Choose a rectangular moss base. Submerge in water for three minutes. Punch holes if necessary (if there is a plastic cover).


Using the most voluminous flowers, such as hydrangea, create a base for your arrangement. Add texture with succulents, clean their roots first. Pepper in small pops of color with foliage, such as bittersweet branches.


Turn your bouquet 360° to make sure everything looks even. If you'll be placing it in the center if your table, it's important that it does. Fill in any holes with spare stems.

Source: LEAFtv