Design Experts Share Their Top Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Most people love the idea of entertaining—in theory, at least. We all want our table to be beautiful and Insta-worthy and our meal to rival our latest great restaurant outing. The problem? In a time-starved world, it can be difficult to start thinking about your looming Thanksgiving dinner party until the day of, which can lead to panic. The trick is to keep it simple, work with what you have, and follow a strict schedule that will lead you to the finish line in time and stress-free.

Few people understand this better than design experts and chefs, who all make it their life mission to know how to entertain—and do it well. So when interior designer Becky Shea and chef Matt Powell (formerly editor at Homepolish) clued us in on their latest event, we had to ask them for their best tips to throwing a Thanksgiving dinner party without stress. From setting the right ambiance to choosing the right menu, here are their top tips for a seamless Thanksgiving dinner. Best of all, Powell shared the evening's recipes with us so you can try them at home too.

And now, all your questions about how to host Thanksgiving answered.