9 Dishes To Split up for a Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday Potluck

Scalloped sweet potatoes casserole

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Although we applaud anyone who can singlehandedly take on the demands of a holiday feast like Thanksgiving, we're betting that most of us would probably welcome some help in the kitchen. Ease the pressure and make this holiday dinner a Thanksgiving potluck, where all of the classic dishes (or non-traditional eats) are divided amongst the guests—including the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Consider these 9 recipes ideas to jumpstart the quality dishes you expect on this holiday, without the time and effort needed when managing everything yourself. From appetizers, side dishes, to the main course, assign each household a dish to coordinate a Thanksgiving potluck spread in a cinch.

The Bread and Cheese Appetizer

Cranberry Brie Pull-Apart Bread
Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Cranberry Brie Pull-Apart Bread

Why We Love It: This recipe from Half Baked Harvest answers a need for a just-substantial-enough appetizer. Bring along this pull-apart bread, which is made with its namesake ingredients on sourdough plus brown sugar and chopped pecans, and you’ll guarantee that no one is completely starving before the feast. We especially love that this recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes.

Pro Tip: Be careful not to slice bread all the way through.

The Fall Harvest Salad

Harvest Cranberry, Persimmon, and Burrata Salad
Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Harvest Cranberry, Persimmon, and Burrata Salad

Why We Love It: Those who decide to bring a salad to a potluck shouldn’t show up with bare leaves and bottled dressing—truly, this is your time to shine. If you stick to this recipe from Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest, which layers baby kale, walnuts, persimmons, dried cranberries, and clementines together with burrata and pepitas, then you’re sure to make this starter dish stand out. We love the crunchy, sweet, and creamy combo.

Make sure the top is golden before serving, which gives the dish the perfect contrast between crispiness and fluffiness.

Pro Tip: “It’s a salad you can throw together in literally minutes and has very minimal ingredients, but yet is still full of flavor and so healthy, too,” Gerard adds. This recipe serves 6.

The Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
The Butter Half

The Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

Why We Love It: As a kid, you may not have been all that excited to scoop this dish onto your plate—but as an adult, you may feel differently about Brussels sprouts. Abbey Rodriguez of The Butter Half serves up roasted Brussels sprouts with chopped garlic, bacon, and pomegranate, giving this Thanksgiving side dish a crunchy, savory taste with a hint of sweetness.

Pro Tip: “If prepping early, omit the pomegranate seeds until ready to serve,” Rodriguez recommends.

The Stuffing

Easy Vegan Stuffing
Pickled Plum

The Recipe: Easy Vegan Stuffing

Why We Love It: Everyone at your holiday feast will enjoy this stuffing recipe from Pickled Plum's Caroline Phelps, which includes all of the classic flavors in one irresistible vegan dish. The recipe calls for diced onion and celery alongside chopped pecans, sage, rosemary, and parsley.

Pro Tip: Everything is combined with white bread, vegetable broth, and a flaxseed egg (which is just ground flaxseed and water) for a rich and healthy serving. “Of course, the texture is best when it’s fresh. So making this easy homemade stuffing on the same day as your big holiday feast is recommended,” Phelps notes.

The Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish
Pickled Plum

The Recipe: Light Cranberry Relish

Why We Love It: Cranberry is a classic flavor for fall holidays, of course, but if you’re in charge of bringing this to a potluck, don’t settle for the flavor from a can. We love this recipe from Pickled Plum because it proves homemade doesn't have to take hours. It mixes frozen cranberries with sugar, cinnamon, orange and lemon juice for a side that’s layered and quick—it all comes together in 20 minutes.

Pro Tip: Don't skip the cinnamon. “The cinnamon especially added a beautifully sweet and aromatic flavor to the relish,” Phelps says.

The Sweet Potatoes Casserole

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes Casserole
Food Faith Fitness

The Recipe: Scalloped Sweet Potatoes Casserole

Why We Love It: This scalloped sweet potato casserole recipe from Food Faith Fitness is bound to make you look like a seasoned chef when you place it on the buffet line, but we promise that it’s easier to assemble than it looks. Recipe creator Taylor Kiser mixes thinly sliced white and orange sweet potatoes with garlic, onion, coconut milk, and thyme, and adds in roughly chopped pecans for a crunch, too. We also love that this recipe is vegan, paleo-, and Whole30-friendly.

Pro Tip: Try to keep the potato slices uniformly thin to avoid partially-cooked or raw bites of potato.

The Mashed Potatoes

Crock-Pot Three Cheeses Mashed Potatoes
Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Crock-Pot Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Why We Love It: Thanks to this foolproof recipe from Half Baked Harvest, you’ll make a dish that’s easy to love. And we love that this recipe features not one but three different cheeses for a bold side dish. Plus, we agree with Gerard in that making this in a slow cooker will free up room on your stove for other Thanksgiving-worthy dishes. Add five pounds of potatoes into a slow cooker alongside garlic, chicken broth, salt, and pepper. Once they’re ready and mashed, add parmesan, gruyere, and cheddar cheese

Pro Tip: This recipe serves 8.

The Roasted Turkey

Herb and Butter Roasted Turkey With White Wine Pan Gravy
Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Herb and Butter Roasted Turkey With White Wine Pan Gravy

Why We Love It: If you’re in charge of the main dish, take a peek at this recipe from Half Baked Harvest. It’s made with fresh herbs, lemon, and garlic for the turkey, and then a pan sauce of white wine, butter, fresh sage, and broth. Sure, you might need to put some effort into this one, but it will be worth it for comforting, rich and herby goodness.

Pro Tip: “The secret to my turkey is a butter-soaked cheesecloth,” Gerard suggests. “It’s genius!”

The Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Potluck — Chai Pumpkin Pie With Maple Whipped Cream
Half Baked Harvest

The Recipe: Chai Pumpkin Pie With Maple Whipped Cream

Why We Love It: Pumpkin pie is a de facto fall-friendly dessert, so you should be prepared with this recipe from Half Baked Harvest. Pumpkin purée, whipping cream, maple syrup, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger make up the filling, which is then topped with a homemade maple whipped cream. We love this recipe because it tastes like we're getting a chai latte and pumpkin pie all in one bite.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle with chai spice sugar as an option.

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