The Unexpected Sweet Potato Recipe Nutritionists Love

Photo: Kelly LeVeque

Every other week, Los Angeles–based certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach Kelly LeVeque of Be Well by Kelly brings us a new installment in her #FabFourin15 series. Quick and easy #FabFourin15 meals turn off hunger hormones, squelch inflammation, and provide the body with the perfect complete meal of essential nutrients. The Fab Four are protein to up collagen, muscle tone, and metabolism; fat to benefit hormones, skin, and cellular health; fiber for gut microbiome and detoxification; and greens for phytonutrients.

Craving warm squash and potatoes this winter? Keep your leafy green intake up by adding squash or sweet potato to your favorite salad. Pair a savory chicken Caesar salad with a creamy sweet potato, add butternut squash to your Cobb, or integrate parsnips into a steak salad. Transforming your favorite light summer salad with warming roots helps keep your winter meals fresh and full of vegetables.

Eating the right mixture of clean, nutrient-dense protein, fat, fiber and greens provides balanced nutrition that helps you eat to satiety. You’ll be satisfied, full, and last four to six hours without crashing or thinking about food. This hunger hormone–squelching Fab Four meal is loaded with kale and romaine to increase daily greens, chicken for protein, cashews, hemp hearts, and garbanzo beans for added protein, fat, and fiber. Keep reading to learn how to make this simple cold-weather salad.

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Join us in two weeks when LeVeque shows us how to make a bean soup that's perfect for winter.