This Sydney PR Office Looks More Like a Luxury Boutique

The Audience Agency Office
Esteban La Tessa

When Montarna McDonald opened The Audience Agency in 2014, her goals were to reshape and redefine the public relations scene by creating a company that was innovative, adaptive and holistic in its approach. 

Just three years later, a growing client base and a strong footing in a competitive space meant one thing: It was time for a new office space that reflects the company's ethos. And we must say, it's one of the most impressive workspaces we've seen to date. 

Dark hues, lush foliage, retro-inspired finishes, and polished concrete floors are just a few of the stand-out details that have created a buzzing environment, that draws creativityproductivity, and collaboration from the team. 

Keep scrolling to see how McDonald created the space and get the look below. 

Chairs in the Audience Agency office
Esteban La Tessa
books on a coffee table in the Audience Agency office
Esteban La Tessa

MyDomaine Australia: What was the design inspiration for the space?  

Montarna McDonald: “The Audience Agency is bold with a take-action ethic. The office space, reception, and showroom needed to reflect this strong business approach while providing a timeless foundation for its many and varied clients.

"I looked to some of the standout design features and materials from the 80s—glass block bricks, linoleum, burl veneer, Artemide Tolomeo desk lamps, aluminum perforated Venetian blinds, and pops of color through art. All of these fun elements are grounded by the very sophisticated palette of navy, silver, and plum, along with the repetition of some beautiful classic pieces."

MD: Tell us more about the artwork peppered throughout the space? 

MM: "Our interior designer, Alexandra, worked really hard to source art pieces from all over the world, as well as working with artists to custom make one-off pieces reflecting our vibe. I want people to enter the space and immediately be drawn to these pieces. We have works from Matt Sheridan and Nancy Constandelia, the neon installation is created by Aly Indermuhle."

MD: Your desks are so unique, who designed them?

MM: "Our desks were custom designed by AP Design House along with their amazing suppliers. We wanted to create a communal desk that had high-impact and blended with our color palette. And I wanted the working spaces to feel part of the showroom, in and amongst our brands and open-fronted to connect personally with our visitors."

a workspace in the Audience Agency office
Esteban La Tessa
books and a vase on a coffee table in the Audience Agency office
Esteban La Tessa
artwork in the Audience Agency office
Esteban La Tessa

MD: What's your favorite element? 

MM: “I love the fact that The Audience Agency HQ is a classic space layered with pops of artwork and vintage pieces that are super playful. PR and communications can be high pressured and yet this space is saying ‘don’t take life too seriously!’ I wanted the office/showroom to be professional while still feeling comfortable for both my team and clients. The cool mix of cheeky and timeless means the interiors won’t age and the design will stand the test of many seasons to come.”

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