Step Inside the Beckhams' $2.7M Mansion in the South of France

Updated 05/06/19

After $5 million in renovations and a small handful of visits, the Beckham family has listed its opulent luxury mansion in the South of France for $2.4 million. Despite the extensive home makeover, it seems that Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper would rather split time between their two homes in London and Los Angeles, according to Daily Mail. The 200-acre palace, known as the Domaine Saint-Vincent, is located in the village of Bargemon near the Cote d'Azur. Ideal for those seeking complete privacy, the picturesque home is surrounding by expansive, rolling meadows and once served as a suitable summer escape for the famous family.

The 19th-century estate houses six bedrooms, four bathrooms, staff housing, and a sprawling infinity pool with stunning views. 

Tour the expansive estate below.

Knight Frank

The large infinity pool is one of the home's most impressive assets.

Knight Frank

The idyllic country home is surrounded by lush greenery and rolling meadows. 

Under direction from Victoria, deep purple and blue hues fill the family home.

Knight Frank

Palatial chandeliers are a staple at the Domaine Saint-Vincent.

Knight Frank

The fully renovated kitchen features modern appliances while retaining an authentic 19th-century feel.

Knight Frank

One of the six bedrooms deviates from the home's dark color palette, standing out in stark whites and creams.

Knight Frank

Checkered bathroom tile completes the dramatic home décor.

How would you decorate the Beckham family's 19th Century home? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Opening Image: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

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