The 5 Best Indoor Plants Are Impossible to Kill (We Asked the Experts)



Whether due to millennials' subconscious desire to nurture something or Instagram's ironclad influence on aesthetics, indoor plants are now the hallmark of any well-appointed space. Once fodder for landscape architects and gardeners, terms like Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise, and Monstera have infiltrated our cultural lexicon and become the object of an entire generation's social media-fueled obsession.

That's not to say we're not fully on board with the trend—our homes are brimming with snake plants, succulents, dried eucalyptus, and the like. We find that plants add the perfect touch of color and a subtle dose of nature to our white-walled, urban apartments, and we can't get enough of them.

Considering our own trials and tribulations as new plant parents (there have been plenty), we tapped the experts over at The Sill, a New York-based plant store and online marketplace, for insight into the undisputed best indoor plants for new plant owners. Erin Marino, The Sill's Director of Brand Marketing, graciously shared her five recommendations with us, focusing on aesthetics and maintenance when making her selections. Read up on her picks below.