Peek Inside the Most Luxurious Private Planes

Ever wondered what it truly means to fly high? You'd be wrong if you guessed flying at 35,000 feet; it has nothing to do with altitude and everything to do with the extreme amenities that come with traveling on a private plane. Money recently released images from inside the coolest private jets, and we're sharing a few of the most inviting details that come with chartering your own personal plane.

First of all, don't expect the same fluorescent lights and tiny TV screens you're accustomed to on your standard commercial airliner. These pretty planes come equipped with HD television monitors, high-end in-flight entertainment systems (rent your favorite flicks mid-air), and enhanced lighting throughout the cabin(s). Notice we said cabins, plural. Many jets are sectioned off into separate areas used for private conference rooms, deluxe dining space, and comfortable entertainment hangouts—L-shaped couches, included. Though the cabin's accommodations, which spare no expense (many are modeled after chic city apartments, featuring top-of-the-line leather, hand-cut crystal glassware, and wooden paneling throughout), are so sweet you won't want to land, these jets are designed to get to your destination faster than you can imagine. Try flying from Boston to Paris in under seven hours. Now that's how you take flight.

Check out interior images from a few private planes below. For more pictures, visit Money

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