The Best Products For Home Organizing

If the spring cleaning season passed you by, and the thought of making an organizational tools shopping list requires more forward-planning than you can muster--never fear. We enlisted Andrea Rapke, founder of full-service design, organization and relocation company The Organized Move, to share her must-have closet and kitchen essentials--and these discreet products are just the thing for keeping your prized possessions out of sight and in order.   dh-how-to-organize-closet-title-01
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Stashing cleaning products here or there is a great way to lose track of what you have or don't have in the house. If organized in this pull-out rack, your household chore just got that much quicker and easier. $75, The Container Store  These attachable chalkboard labels are a user-friendly notice of what's contained within, and a charming touch to boot. $10, Crate and Barrel Canisters are aesthetically pleasing, clean and help keep your perishables last longer and stay fresher.  From $5, Crate & Barrel
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These customizable organizers are an ideal way to separate flatware and can be adjusted in any configuration that suits. From $17, The Container Store Most kitchens have an unusable corner space somewhere. This is a great way to store items that you don't need often, while maximizing your cabinet real estate. $28, ClosetMaid I like this wall-mounted spice rack because it doesn't take up space on the counter. $13, Amazon
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If you don't want to break the bank on custom hangers, I suggest these thin and attractive Real Simple flocked Slimline Hangers. $30, Bed Bath & Beyond I am partial to a pull-out belt valet because it allows you to see your belts which, therefore, helps you wear your belts. $34, Build I can't live without acrylic drawer dividers--they keep your intimates, socks, and stockings separated. $13, More Storage
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These drop-front boxes keep dust off of your clothes, scarves, shoes and hats, and keep the moths away from your natural fabrics. $30, The Container Store Shelf dividers are a great way to separate handbags, sweaters and anything else folded in stacks that may threaten to topple. $54 for set of four, Clos-ette Too I like the idea of creating pocket shelves with a handbag organizer and putting oversized bags around the closet as decor. $25, Target