10 Out of 10 Designers Will Want to Tile Their Kitchen Like This

When it comes to making upgrades at home, the kitchen is an easy target, and we’ve set our sights on the best tiled kitchens on the internet. After all, why not start your makeover in the heart of the home? Even though there’s no shortage of kitchen inspiration (and Pinspiration) to be found, it can be hard to figure out how to take classic kitchen details and make them your own. The first place we’d advise investing? Tiles. And we know you want to see the best tiled kitchens for inspiration.

Tiles are a great way to build texture balance in any kitchen, playing off modern design features and finishes from wood to cement to shiny metallics. Glossy or matte, light or dark, pattern or solid, tiles can often be that extra missing ingredient that gives a kitchen its unique character. And those of us who love to entertain know that guests will inevitably congregate in the kitchen, so we want to be proud of the personality of the space where we cook, eat, entertain, and indulge in the occasional midnight snack.

Whether you spend more time playing chef or sous-chef, tile is definitely back in style, and we’ve rounded up the best tiled kitchens to prove it. Scroll for 13 stunning tiled kitchens to inspire your next remodel.