Learn to Play With Your Food the Gourmet Way

bg-topA new cookbook is elevating the act of playing with your food from a highchair-and-bib activity to an epicurean affair. Restaurateur and culinary/events consultant Barton G. Weiss, who owns eponymous whimsical Miami and LA restaurants Barton G., is preparing to hypnotize us with The Big Dish: Recipes to Dazzle and Amaze from America's Most Spectacular Restauranta playful new volume available now for pre-order ($21). The culinary pro brings us over-the-top presentations that are nothing but unexpected. Expect miniature cheesecakes camouflaged as rounds of brie, pop tarts with savory lobster fillings, marshmallow pizza, and clay pots "planted" with crudite vegetable "flowers" in black olive oil "soil." Needless to say, the book will make even the most snobbish and discerning foodies feel like a kid again.bg-5 Head to Eater for more sneak peeks of the book. Photographs: Courtesy of Rizzoli