Exclusive: The Citizenry's New Japan Collection Will Inspire You to Slow Down


The Citizenry

There's something undeniably special about bringing home an item that was created with care and thoughtfulness. That's why we're such big fans of everything The Citizenry creates. The brand partners with artisans around the world—India, Mexico, Ireland, Uganda, just to name a few—to bring their beautifully-made goods to our personal spaces. Each item is crafted using local materials, and The Citizenry founders, Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley, ensure that the relationships they create are sustainable for the artisans.

And now, they're branching out to a whole new country: Japan. Launching today, the Japan Collection fits seamlessly into the current curation of products available from The Citizenry, while adding a touch of serenity inspired by Japan's serene landscape and the mindful practices common in the country.

"Our lives are so hectic, so we were personally inspired by many of the culture's daily practices to be more mindful and connected to the world around us and moment at hand," Bentley tells MyDomaine. "We could all use a little more of that in our day-to-day."

The collection includes a streamlined assortment of products, from towels to pillows to wood furniture, but each individual piece harkens back to the mindfulness Nance and Bentley witnessed firsthand during their trips to Japan. In turn, they hope the artisan-made goods might inspire customers to embrace slow living and add some calm to their days.

"We hope this collection adds a bit of serenity and artistry to every home it touches," Nance says.

The towels specifically are a point of pride for the founders. After seeing waffle towels in onsen spas and ryokans across the country, they knew creating their own version (in a Citizenry-approved palette, of course) was a must.

"Traditionally, these towels are already amazing—so lightweight and incredibly absorbent—but we upped the ante with an oversized waffle weave and luxe, Pima cotton," Nance explains. "These make the towels extra soft, more durable, quicker to dry, and ultimately, make them last longer. They are both beautiful and functional and never get that musty, wet-towel smell. We're obsessed."

Bentley even refers to the towels as "heirloom-quality" due to their ability to get better with time.

But whether customers bring home the towels, one of the pillows, or the brass incense holder, one thing remains the same: the founders' hope that they can add a little something special to a mundane day.

"We hope customers will treat themselves and invest in a few pieces that make their space more calming and spa-like," Bentley tells MyDomain. "Those are such wonderful feelings to come home to at the end of our crazy days."

Ready to bring a touch of serenity to your space? Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the Japan Collection below.

blue towels
The Citizenry Imbari Waffle Towel Set $85

"The waffle towels are made in the oldest family-run mill in Imabari, where they truly have spent 100 years perfecting their techniques," Nance says.

floor mirror
The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror, Small $395

"The furniture is crafted from sustainably-harvested hinoki wood, a fragrant wood used in Japanese spas and temples," Nance explains.

wood bath runner
The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Runner $295

"When it gets wet, it smells even better—so it was the perfect material for a bath collection designed to elicit spa-like vibes," Nance says.

indigo pillow
The Citizenry Rada Indigo Lumbar Pillow $275

"And the indigo pillows were inspired by our time in Kyoto, exploring the zen rock gardens," she explains. "Every minimal line is intentional and beautiful." 

indigo wall hanging
The Citizenry Yoru Indigo Wall Hanging $375

That same indigo carries over into this eye-catching wall hanging. It would look great in an entryway or as part of a gallery wall.

brass incense holder
The Citizenry Brass Incense Set $75

And this stunning handcrafted brass incense set will inspire you to slow down, take a deep breath, and unwind.

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