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The Citizenry Can't Keep These Throw Pillows in Stock

The Citizenry Throw Pillow

The Citizenry 

In the world of online shopping, selling out of a product is practically a landmark of success for businesses. A sold-out product creates an even stronger desire to obtain the seemingly unattainable. We have a hunch it's why waitlists and limited edition collections seem to be everywhere these days.

The Citizenry—a home goods brand that brings artisan-made goods from around the world to its customers—is no exception. Of their expansive collection of products, there's one item that they simply can't seem to keep in stock (is it just us or does that make you want it so much more?).

The Lumbar is the brand's most popular pillow. In fact, the seven lumbar pillows in The Citizenry's collection bring in as much revenue as their full collection of over 50 pillows. Handwoven in Mexico by The Women of Oaxaca—a cooperative of Zapotec women that offers single moms, widows, and unmarried women a way to make a living—the pillows feature vibrant colors created from plant extracts and bold patterns woven with 100 percent sheep's wool.

According to the site, it takes a full three days to complete just one pillow. This slower process in a fair trade environment partially explains why it's so hard for The Citizenry to keep up with the demand for the throw pillow which starts at $195. .

Despite the fact that these pillows are out of stock for about a quarter of the year, people continue to place orders for them, even waiting four to six weeks on a waitlist to bring one home for their bed or sofa.

Curious to see what the fuss is all about? Keep scrolling to shop The Citizenry's collection of lumbar pillows (before they sell out, that is).

Baya Lumbar Pillow
The Citizenry Baya Lumbar Pillow $195.00

This long lumbar pillow is brimming with bright pink and red hues for a not so subtle pop of color. It's just the thing for an otherwise neutral space in need of a bit of saturation.

Viento Lumbar Pillow
The Citizenry Viento Lumbar Pillow $225.00

Featuring a more minimalist color palette and pattern, this is one of The Citizenry's latest lumbar pillow launches. There's really no place you couldn't style the neutral pillow with subtle, black stitching.

Ceniza Lumbar Pillow
The Citizenry Ceniza Lumbar Pillow $195.00

For a classic look, this throw offers a black and white pattern that would look chic contrasting with brighter hues or blending in with more neutral colors. Style it with additional square throw pillows on a bed or let it stand alone on the living room couch.

Paso Lumbar Pillow
The Citizenry Paso Lumbar Pillow $225.00

This pillow features both bold and delicate stripes naturally dyed red, blue, white, and orange for a dynamic design. Place it at the head of the bed or atop a large sofa.