Tour the Most Stylish Film Studio in The Business

Designing the office spaces of a movie studio isn’t something a designer gets to do everyday so when Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of design firm LIFE.STYLE were approached by The Culver Studios to reimagine their space, the creativity flowed. The studio behind such classics as Gone with the Wind, E.T., Rocky, Legally Blonde, King Kong, Kill Bill, and more, the space needed to be stylish and chic, but also reference it’s old-Hollywood roots. “The goal behind the redesign of The Culver Studios' offices was to remind people where they were and of what had been accomplished in this space, but doing it more subtly than with movie posters,” the designers say. “We wanted to be creative in how we reminded people of their hard work.” Keep scrolling to see the resulting stylish space!