The Dining Room of My Dreams Is Finally Mine—Here’s How I Designed It

My Dining Room Makeover Proves the Power of Merging Design Styles

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One year ago, when I moved from NYC to the Hudson Valley, I gained something I never had before - a proper dining room. Sure, I had stylish dining ‘nooks’ or the classic table-in-the-kitchen set up in the apartments I lived in, but having an entire space meant just for dining is something I haven’t experienced until now. Enjoying food both solo and with people I love is a huge joy of mine, so when I embarked on my design journey, I knew I wanted this room to reflect that.

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My dining room before its makeover.

My thought process was to keep the design simple, contrasted, and balanced. I wanted the room to be furnished with everything it needed, but also have space to breathe and feel intentional. One of my favorite things to do is use and arrange furniture in ways that go beyond the original intent of each piece, and I absolutely love how this woven bench compliments the dining set while still offering comfortable seating.


Adding in a neutral element kept things feeling light, while the pattern and modern design offered aesthetic interest.

QVC Safavieh Bandelier Leather Weave Bench $399.98

With the warmth of the floors and light colored walls, I knew I wanted a table that was black. The way it pops against the rest of the room makes a statement that calls you in. The element that sold me on this table is the leaf which you can remove to make it smaller. Having options like that is so exciting to me and leaves room for even more creativity.

To anchor the dining set, I wanted a rug with amazing texture in a toned down color. The natural variations and jute in this piece were just that, and I love how it gives the main furniture in the room a place to belong while not calling too much attention. 

QVC Martha Stewart 955 Collection 4' x 6' Rug by Safavieh $91.33

While neutrals steal the show in the room itself, I wanted the table to tell another story. I pictured cooler primary colors, think mid century vibes, accented with stone elements and my favorite accessory - candles. QVC had everything I was looking for to create my tablescape, down to the table runner to tie it all together.


I chose a retro inspired tumbler paired with a heavier smokey glass for drinkware, a duo that feels playful but refined. Autumn eucalyptus brings in some softness, and QVC always has the most realistic looking faux greenery that I find myself spreading around to every room in the house.

QVC Martha Stewart Set of (4) 16-oz Colored Acrylic Tumblers $22.81

The plates and candle stick holders were the perfect way to bring the stone element to my tablescape. The earthy tones continue the theme of neutral + simple while still complimenting the colors that accompany them.

Plant and Tumbler

The biggest lesson I learned during this makeover was not to underestimate the power of curtains. Hanging them was the first thing I did, and these cotton panels with lace trim completely transformed the room all on their own. I was nervous about losing natural light with window treatments, but these are light enough for the sun to filter through while still bringing privacy and making the room feel incredibly cozy.


Since I’m such a huge fan of QVC’s faux greenery and plants, I knew that the olive tree would be no different. This is one of my favorite items in the room, bringing so much luxury and quaintness at the same time. It’s one of those things that bring me a feeling of instant peace and joy.

QVC 82" Olive Artificial Tree by Nearly Natural $119.99

When designing a room, it’s rare to be able to find every piece of decor on your wishlist in one place. Even though my vision included merging design styles I was able to find everything I had envisioned and more through QVC. Their products never fail to make a statement while also fulfilling a purpose, two things I always look for in home decor. Having this space is so special to me and makes me excited to enjoy my meals here each day.