The Everset, a New Furniture Subscription Service, Is a Godsend For Renters

furniture white bed wooden chair

 Courtesy of The Everset

There's nothing like moving into a new place. From the moment you see your new spot, it's fun to visualize all the ways you'll decorate. You can put a side table here, a mirror there. Then, you move in, and the only thing you can afford is a chair or two, and maybe a couch. It'll take years before you save the money to invest in enough pieces to furnish your entire place. And by that time, your lease will be up, and you'll move into a new home with a totally different layout. Now, you'll need to sell the furniture you finally got around to purchasing, only to have to repeat the vicious cycle.

Thankfully, The Everset, a brand new online subscription service founded by Gavin Steinberg and Jonathan Mitrani, makes furnishing your home much more drama-free. Instead of buying one piece at a time, you can rent all of them at once. Plus, the service includes packages curated by their creative director, and Bravo's Best Room Wins designer, Megan Hopp—a win for anyone who needs some design guidance.

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 Courtesy of The Everset

Room packages range from $19 to $150 per month (including free delivery, assembly, and pickup) and subscriptions cover anywhere between three and 14 months. You can choose between pre-designed living room, bedroom, or dining room packages or take them all. If anything else catches your eye from their lineup of pieces, you can add them as additional items to bring your vision to life. On the other hand, if you have a specific vision for your décor, you can go off book and fill your cart with any of their one-off products. Just be sure to hit The Everset's $70 per month order minimum. At the end of your subscription, you can renew your plan, swap your pieces, or return them all together.

For the living room:

living room with couch and wicker chair
Courtesy of The Everset

The most affordable package includes an upholstered chair, a side table, and a floor lamp for $32 per month. The most expensive consists of a couch, a chair, floor lamp, coffee table, storage stool, and TV console for $147 per month.

For the dining room:

dining room wooden chairs
 Courtesy of The Everset

The most affordable package includes a mid-century modern table and two chairs for $19 per month. The most expensive package consists of a long table and six chairs for $51 per month.

For the bedroom:

bedroom nightstand lamp
Courtesy of The Everset 

The most affordable package includes a bed with the mattress, one side table, and a lamp for $45 per month. The most expensive package consists of a bed with the mattress, a side table, a lamp, and a dresser for $98. Each bedroom package includes a brand new mattress that's yours to keep, even after the frame is hauled away.

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 Courtesy of The Everset

And as if fuss-free decorating isn't enough to convince you to rent your setup, The Everset partnered with Habitat for Humanity to do some major good for the planet. All furniture is eventually donated to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where furniture is sold at a significant discount for those who can't afford to buy new. All proceeds are then used to help create affordable housing in the NY area.

Currently, The Everset subscription service is only available in New York City and select areas of New Jersey.

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