Could This Be the Future of Christmas Tree Ornaments?

Decorating the Fraser fir is best done with spiked eggnog in hand and your favorite seasonal Mariah Carey song playing on repeat. This yearly event is made even sweeter when shared with loved ones as you reminisce about how and where you acquired each ornament—how’s that for a holiday tradition?

But physical decorations may soon be a thing of the past. According to online magazine Design Milk, Brazilian design studio Ambos has recently introduced projection-mapped holiday ornaments—a potential game-changer (note: these are only being used in-house at the moment). This new method involves special Ambos-created software that allows its designers to make a 3D version of a tree, map out what the decorations would look like, and then project that image onto the tree—including everything from blinking, multi-colored bulbs to flickering, moving lights.

To check out an example of the firm’s new projection-mapped Christmas decorations, watch the video from Ambos below.




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Would you ever use technology like projection-mapping to decorate your Christmas tree?