The Guide to Modern Chandeliers

dh-chandelier-market-06 THE MODO CHANDELIER: Designed by Jason Miller in 2009, this modern brasserie-feeling style references off-the-shelf industrial parts the designer spied on New York's Canal Street. From $5800, DWR
dh-chandelier-market-05 LARGE HICKS PENDANT: The jewelry-like creation of modern lighting master Thomas O'Brien, this pendant blends the best of all worlds: mixing glass with bronze and a crowning touch in the form of an elegant square-link chain. From $630, Circa Lighting
dh-chandelier-market-03 SATELLITE CHANDELIER: From DWR's Satellite Collection, this fixture pays homage to the first satellite launched into space in 1957 by the Soviet Union, and features 24 steel antennas finished in brass. $1325, DWR
dh-chandelier-market-02 BOCCI 14 SERIES PENDANT CHANDELIER: Each glass sphere in this dazzling display by Omer Arbell is hand-poured and hand-drilled to allow the light inside to reflect off any imperfections for a dreamy effect. $6440, Lumens
dh-chandelier-market-01 BEAT LIGHT: Legendary (and self-taught) British designer Tom Dixon is the mastermind behind the Beat Light series, which take cues from brass cooking pots and water vessels found in Northern India, where the lights are handmade. From $535, Y Lighting
dh-chandelier-market-08 SERGE MOUILLE THREE-ARM CEILING LAMP: This insect-aping focal point was designed by French industrial designer Serge Mouille in 1958 as an antidote to the ornate chandeliers that were all the rage at the time. The lights are still constructed using Mouille's original molds and techniques. $6759, DWR
dh-chandelier-market-07 NELSON SAUCER PENDANT: Midcentury hero George Nelson released this iconic design in 1947, and its popularity has yet to wane; the light is constructed using a spray coating of translucent plastic polymer over a skeleton of steel wire. From $269, DWR
dh-chandelier-market-04 ORBIT CHANDELIER: Constructed from wire and aluminum, Patrick Townsend's complex network of dimmable bulbs has a firework-effect rendered in a powder-coated finish. $600, Areaware
Photographs: Jessica Helgerson, Harpers Bazaar, Arkpad, Lars Herting, Designs by Katy, Driven by Decor, Dwell, Houzz