This Is Actually the Best Part of Your Vacation (and It's Not What You Think)


Oracle Fox

When visualizing the best part of your vacation, images of lounging in a hammock or sipping on a cold cocktail in a tropical destination may be the first things that come to mind. While the luxuries of enjoying time off and leaving everything behind for a relaxing getaway on a white-sand beach are certainly what you'd expect the happiest part of your trip to be, you'd be surprised to learn that this is not so according to a recent article published by The Huffington Post.

So if it's not taking up residence at the beach bar, what is the best part? The article shares the results from a 2010 study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, which reveals that the process of planning or even just anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it. Sounds strange, but science says it's true. Jeroen Nawijn, the study’s lead author, further explained to The New York Times, “The practical lesson for an individual is that you derive most of your happiness from anticipating the holiday trip.” So, with that, we might as well start planning the next one.

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