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You Can Finally Bring This Iconic Zebra Wallpaper Home, Thanks to The Inside

red zebra wallpaper

Courtesy of The Inside

You don’t have to be a film buff to wish your life looked a little more like a Wes Anderson movie. To crave the saturated scenery and vintage clothing that pervaded every scene in Moonrise Kingdom. To yearn to visit the ornate millennial pink building that lends The Grand Budapest Hotel its name. To aspire to live in a home that feels trendy-yet-off-kilter in the exact same way every scene in The Royal Tenenbaums does. 

Thanks to The Inside, you can get a little closer to at least one of these dreams. The digital decorating platform just announced a collaboration with iconic design house Scalamandré: The two have teamed up to release a line of zebra-printed wallpaper that’s straight out of Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. And when we say “straight out of Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums,” we don’t mean “inspired by”—we mean the wallpaper literally made an appearance in the film.

Those who’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums may remember a scene in which Gwyneth Paltrow’s character makes a phone call in a powder room. She’s hunched over—vintage pink telephone in one hand, cigarette in the other—and the room she’s in is adorned with coral wallpaper dotted with zebras. As it turns out, Scalamandré designed that exact wallpaper for a popular Manhattan restaurant in the 1940s, and in 2001, Anderson’s film rendered it iconic for a whole new generation.

Until now, access to this eye-catching wallpaper has been restricted to an elite few. No longer. The Inside’s collaboration with Scalamandré has made the wallpaper widely accessible—and generally affordable, too. For a mere $69 per roll, you can have a zebra-covered powder room of your own. (Assuming you have a powder room, that is.)

The collaborative line offers the fan-favorite wallpaper in its classic coral shade, as well as two others: a lighter yellow and a darker slate gray. Both of the additional colors pack a subtler punch than the widely recognized coral shade—but they still pack a punch nonetheless. 

The best part of all of this? The wallpaper comes exclusively in a convenient peel-and-stick format. So you don’t have to worry about committing to a statement-making print and never turning back. Instead, you can take a decor risk and rest assured knowing you can backtrack if things don’t turn out quite like you envisioned them. Alternatively, you could use the peel-and-stick convenience as an excuse to stock up on all three shades. Tempted to rotate your wallpaper in and out based on your aesthetic du jour? Wes Anderson would surely be proud. 

coral zebra wallpaper
Scalamandré x The Inside Peel & Stick Coral Wallpaper $69.00

An icon for a reason, this statement-making wallpaper will add a healthy dose of bold style to any room in your house.

slate zebra wallpaper
Scalamandré x The Inside Peel & Stick Slate Wallpaper $69.00

Minimalists will surely appreciate that this statement-making print is available in a more neutral color palette. Still fun, still vibrant, still exciting—just less likely to clash with the decor you already own.

yellow zebra wallpaper
Scalamandré x The Inside Peel & Stick Yellow Wallpaper $69.00

Scalamandré’s yellow take on its iconic zebra-print wallpaper is perhaps its most versatile. The lighter shade makes it a fit for virtually any room in your house—your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom, you name it.