Would You Pay $2850 for This Art Supply Kit?

Karl Lagerfeld’s newly minted Karlbox may be the crowning jewel of the back-to-school product rush of 2016. And with a slogan like “Colours in black,” we can’t say we’re surprised. Lagerfeld, an esteemed artist himself, teamed up with Faber-Castell to create a limited-edition fine art supply kit aimed at “seriously stylish adults,” according to Vogue. Each of the 2500 Karlboxes comes equipped with its own unique serial number, a certificate of authenticity, and a price tag that lands just shy of $3000. Carefully constructed out of beechwood and a black-lacquered exterior, the Karlbox houses over 350 premium-grade art supplies for painting and drawing—including all 120 utensils from Lagerfeld’s favorite product line, the Albrecht Dürer artist’s water-soluble color pencils. Organized by primary and secondary colors, each of the five palette doubles as a drawer, all of which can be removed from the box for optimal creative space.

Check out the Karlbox for yourself, and shop our go-to art supplies for a more affordable option this fall.