This Striking Bed and Breakfast Has All the Texan Charm With a Modern Twist

There's something undeniably charming about Texas. The breathtaking sprawling landscapes, the abundance of wildlife, the culture, and the people (oh, and the food), all make it a popular destination but it's the small towns that really ramp up the charisma. Take the 100 resident town of Round Top. It's brimming with natural beauty and despite its diminutive size, it has a lot going for it like the famous Round Top Antiques Fair also known as one of the best antique shows in the country. Thousands of dealers and vintage enthusiasts venture out to the fair three times a year and it does not disappoint. 

And if you are planning on visiting the fair, or just want to experience Round Top for yourself, then we have the perfect place for you to stay: The Prairie at Round Top. The charming property was in need of a redesign. Thankfully the talented Tammy and Mickey Price of Fragments Identity worked their magic on the 43-acre Bed and Breakfast (the property consists of eight charming buildings including the original Farmhouse built in the 1800s).

The couple infused a modern farmhouse style, updating all the lighting, paint, bathrooms, and designing all new custom furnishings and bath linens. In fact, the project was a complete redesign of the interiors and furnishings across the entire property. Read on to hear how Price created a unique and individual look for each cottage and really ramped up the charm and personality of each building.