The Olsens Open a Furniture Store in LA!

the-row-la01Tomorrow Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will cut the red ribbon to The Row's first flagship store, in West Hollywood, LA, and it's a minimalist decorator's dream. The store itself is a picture of midcentury modern California -- complete with a swimming pool in its glass courtyard. In an interview with WWD, the designing duo referred to the shop as "a hidden gem," because its not visible from the street; customers have to pass through white double doors and then a narrow brick courtyard to reach it.the-row-la09The Olsens wanted the store to represent Los Angeles, where The Row began, so they worked with local designers David Montalba and Courtney Applebaum, as well as celebrated local furniture and antiques dealers JF Chen, Galerie Half, Blackman Cruz, and Thomas Hayes Gallery to pull the space together. While the 3,800-square-foot property has a minimalist aesthetic, it is chock full of notable pieces, including a Jean Prouvé dining table, a Fortuny floor lamp, Poul Kjaerholm coffee tables and Paul McCobb woven leather chairs -- all of which are also for sale!the-row-la08With two galleries staged to feel like a dining area and a living room, and a third smaller space with a limestone fireplace and black leather seats that resembles a library, the space feels more residential than commercial. "Ultimately, for us, it was about setting it up like a home and just having the apparel be a part of the space," says Ashley. In addition to coveted vintage furniture, the space is also sprinkled with accessories like potted succulents, scented candles, floating mirrors, artwork, and desktop items that bring a homey vibe. "Over time we'll start curating more and more pieces," says Mary-Kate, who tells WWD she brought in a Sergej Jensen painting from her own house into the space. Overall the brand "is really about a lifestyle," Mary-Kate says. "I think this store is a great starting-off point to express where we are going."the-row-la07the-row-la04 the-row-la02 the-row-la03 Head over to WWD to hear more details about the space and take the full tour.