The Sill Just Launched a Collection of Faux Plants That Look Surprisingly Real

white living room with plants

The Sill

There is something truly beautiful about a real plant, not only because of their authentic aesthetics, but all the TLC we put into their survival somehow makes them rooted in our lives. Unfortunately, some of us struggle to keep our green friends thriving, either due to our busy lives, travel schedules, or simply because we just aren’t capable of keeping a cactus alive.

That’s where fake indoor plants come in as a viable option. You get the added greenery in your home without having to lift a finger. However, they are also one of those things that many people turn their green thumb up at, because, well, they look fake.

One of our favorite online plant purveyors
, The Sill, has finally solved the fake-looking artificial plant problem with their new faux plant collection launching today.

Inspired by their live collection of plants, The Sill curated the best looking faux options to help take the guesswork out of filling your home with gorgeous greenery. The collection launched with 14 plants in various sizes, from tabletop to statement-making trees, all available in The Sill’s exclusive line of ceramic planters.

So, just how real do they look? You can judge for yourself. One of the below plants is from The Sill’s new collection. Can you tell which one?

indoor plants
 Leah Groth

The Rex Begonia ($75)—the pink and green leaved plant in the terra cotta pot—is the imposter. But seriously, in person it is nearly impossible to tell.

pink and green plant
Leah Groth

How about these two orchid plants? Can you spot the faux?

Two orchid plants
Leah Groth

The purple orchid on the right is the real deal, but even up close, The Sill’s faux orchid ($75) looks just as authentic. When we took it out of the box, we literally had to examine with a fine tooth comb, it looked so deceivingly real. 

close up of orchid
Leah Groth

Prices range from $60-$360. To give you an idea, a tabletop Begonia Muculata will set you back $65, while a six-foot Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree requires a $360 investment. But keep in mind, these plants will last forever with no care required. Most plants are available for nationwide shipping, except for the large floor versions which are currently available for local delivery in the NYC area only. But The Sill has plans to make the larger options available nationwide by mid-October.

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