You Touch These 5 Germ-Infested Items Almost Every Day

While it's much easier to walk through life with casual disregard for the germs surrounding you, some extra attention must be paid during flu season. To that end, New York Magazine's Science of Us recently produced a cringe-worthy video on the most germ-infested objects surrounding us—many of which are present in an office environment. What's worse, using these objects is so second-nature that you probably don't even think to wash your hands afterward. Grab the hand sanitizer; here are the five most germ-infested objects that you touch almost every day:

"Touch screens at self-checkouts: Whether in a pharmacy, airport, or grocery store, 50% of self-checkout screens are contaminated with fecal bacteria."

"First-floor elevator buttons: Everyone who uses an elevator eventually has to touch this button. Parainfluenza, a virus that causes cold-like symptoms, is common here."

"Reusable grocery bags: These are major germ carriers due to raw foods and neglecting to clean them; 99% of bags carry bacterias such as coliform and E. coli."

"Bathroom hand towels: Because most people don't wash their hands properly, and bacteria grows in moist places, hand towels are an ideal growing environment for germs."

"Break room coffeepot handles: 50% of coffeepot handles contain coliform bacteria, which is an indicator of fecal matter."

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