The Top 4 Relationship Deal Breakers, According to Science

Updated 04/28/17
Timur Emek /Getty Images

If popular literature is any indication, there's seemingly no limit to what people would do for love. From Marvin Gaye's classic hit "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to the romantic writings of Shakespeare, love may be the only thing in life that knows no bounds. But, for better or for worse, perhaps the most accurate interpretation of love is contemporary rock band Meatloaf's 1993 ballad, "I Would Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That)." A recent survey from YouGov UK substantiates that reality, having found four hard relationship deal breakers during their recent love and dating survey:

  1. Converting religions (85% unwilling)
  2. Ditching a friend (71% unwilling)
  3. Going vegetarian (62% unwilling)
  4. Giving up a job (50% unwilling)

To identify these relationship limitations, the polling site surveyed 1652 male and female UK-based adults aged 18 to 65+ in July 2016. There were no specifications in regards to the sexual orientation, relationship status, or gender identity of the respondents.

Conversely, the survey respondents were most willing to move homes (in-country or abroad), quit smoking, and quit drinking for their significant other, but they believed a minimum of two years must past before you ask your partner to make significant life changes on your behalf.

Head over to YouGov UK for the full survey results, and share your relationship deal breakers below!

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