Your Guide to the Perfect Weekend

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How To Make the Best Cold-Brewed Coffee Loungewear, from $24, Sleepy Jones
Late night? We thought so. Start the day off right with a cup of cold-brewed coffee. Here's a step-by-step guide for the bleary eyed. Once you're properly caffeinated, it's probably time to reconsider that ratty old tee shirt you've been sleeping in since college. Swap it out for some proper pjs from Sleepy Jones. Good pajamas mean better dreams. You heard it here first. c
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 The Best Products for Home Organizing  Asian Pork Sliders with Miso Mayo
Spend a couple of hours getting organized with this helpful guide. Andrea Rapke, from the Organized Move, explains what you'll need to keep kitchen and closets in ship shape. Alternatively, shove everything under the bed and host a brunch with your favorite friends. Why not try these Asian Pork Sliders with Miso Mayo from the newly released cookbook Keepers? a
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 Blue Jasmine  Key Lime Pie Popsicles
Grab some sour candy and head to your local theater. Everyone's been talking about Blue Jasmine. If you've already seen it, why not stay home and make some Key Lime Pie Popsicles. It's probably the last weekend you'll be craving an icy dessert. 01 b
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 How To: Master An At-Home Manicure  Sales Challenge: Editor's Picks Under $50
Treat yourself. Master the art of the at home manicure with a great how-to from Byrdie. Don't forget to check out our roundup of sales. Post-Labor Day is a great time to score on home goods and freshen up your place for fall. Now that you'll be spending a lot less time outdoors, you'll want to give your space a quick refresher. c
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 Three Ways To Arrange Supermarket Flowers  Coconut Watermelon Juice
If you don't think flower arranging is for you, think again. Much more manageable than Martha, these instructions will have you hightailing it to the nearest supermarket for some blooms. The best part is, these arrangements are all done with super affordable flowers. While you're out, get ingredients for Coconut Watermelon Juice. a
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 Quinoa Salad  Who What Wear's Fashion Hub
End the weekend on a high note with a delicious Quinoa Salad. With kale, pine nuts and raisins, it's both healthy and delicious. If you don't have tickets to New York's Fashion Week, don't worry.  You can watch the latest runway shows with the click of a mouse at Who What Wear. No one has to know you weren't there. Photographs: Sleepy Jones, Dinner a Love Story, Vanity Fair, Smitten Kitchen, Justin Coit, A Cup of Jo, Raw For Beauty, Kitchy Kitchen, Getty Images