Vacation Trends That Need to Be Discontinued

Like all trends, vacation crazes have evolved over the years—some for better and many for worse. We're not sure how relaxing a spaceship to Mars sounds but that seems to be the getaway of the future (literally). It's no question travel has come pretty far over time, but Thrillist recently pointed out a few phenomena that should definitely be left behind. Anyone else ready to say bye to #blessed humble-brag photos? See the worst vacation trends of the last 100 years below.

  • Hot dog legs. We couldn't agree more that this trend needs to go. Though we did enjoy the Tumblr dedicated to mocking this trend (sometimes it's really hard to tell the different between tan legs and hot dogs), we'd be happy to see our social media feed free of the same photo, different beach. If you need to prove to your friends that you're on vacation, at least use an original pose.
  • Selfie sticks. Enjoy the view? How can you possibly do that with tons of metal poles jutting out in front of you? The Colosseum looks a lot cooler without a bunch of iPhones hanging out of the air. Whatever happened to making friends with the people beside you and asking them for a photo? Let's lose the selfie sticks stat.
  • Airport check-ins on social media. Not only is this unnecessary (we can think of a lot of other places we'd rather be than an airport), but it can be dangerous to let the world know you're not at home (we're pretty sure thieves have social media, too). Wait until you're in a photo-worthy location to let the world in on your travels.
  • Summer camps for the whole family. Even if you have a great relationship with your parents, there is no need to share a bunk with them. Dirty Dancing will forever be one of our favorite films, but we're betting you wouldn't really want your family involved with the drama of your love life—and isn't finding love what summer camp is for? 
  • Slideshow parties. After you return from your trip-of-a-lifetime, there's no need to hold your friends captive for an evening-long slideshow to show them all of your photos. Every. Single. One. This was a big trend in the '60s when projectors were cool, but luckily now we can share a few of our favorite snaps on social media and move on.

Head over to Thrillist to check out more of the worst vacation trends from the last 100 years, and use this easy app to take your own passport photo before your trip. You'll also need this chic travel kit from Anya Hindmarch to take your makeup with you.

What is the worst vacation trend you've heard of? Tell us in the comments below.