7 Things 20-Somethings Won’t Spend Money On

The millennial generation is often accused of being narcissistic, entitled, and financially illiterate. I’m here to tell you this is not the case. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. We’ve come of age during the recession, and we’re terrified of not having an emergency fund to fall back on when times get tough. As Reddit user put it: “I think the ‘Great Recession’ that many of us graduated into has created another version of our grandparents who grew up during the Great Depression. Your grandmother [who] gardened, insisted on saving every scrap of food, and obsessed about a 10-cent difference in prices on store shelves? Your hipster friend will be that person in 50 years.” Our buying habits are different from those of our parents; we may have more in common with our grandparents than anyone ever expected! Read on to see what 20-somethings absolutely won’t spend money on (and the logic behind it).