28 Things Americans Take for Granted—But Shouldn’t

Updated 06/04/19

If you’ve never traveled outside of the United States, it’s easy to take the country's conveniences for granted. However, once you visit a foreign country, your perspective broadens and you realize all of the things you have to be grateful for. I try to leave the country at least once every two years because it provides me with a fresh perspective on my life at home.

There are so many things that I, and we as Americans in general, take for granted. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful and free world. Here are 28 things, some comical and others serious, that Americans take for granted—but shouldn’t.

  1. Running water
  2. Hot running water
  3. Electricity!
  4. Grocery stores stocked with food
  5. Corner stores that are open 24/7
  6. Stores that are open on Sundays
  7. Toilet paper and clean bathrooms
  8. Sidewalks and functioning paved roads
  9. Cars, public transportation, and Uber
  10. The college experience
  11. Drugstores
  12. Feminine hygiene products
  13. The freedom of choice. Choices are everywhere, from diverse restaurants to abundant shopping destinations.
  14. Red Solo cups
  15. Three meals a day
  16. A shower that works
  17. A roof (that doesn’t leak) over your head
  18. A bed (and not a clay or soil floor) to sleep on
  19. A cellphone
  20. A room or space to call your own
  21. A job
  22. A backyard that isn’t filled with street or safari animals
  23. Hospitals to go to in an emergency
  24. Garbage trucks
  25. Televised sporting events
  26. Public schools
  27. Starbucks
  28. The military, police, and firefighters

Remember: “Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.”

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