4 Reasons You Can Always Count on Your Best Friend

Because nobody gets you like they do!

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The power of female friendship is as fierce as it is strong. Nothing compares to the concrete bond that people have with their besties. Plus, according to The New York Times, "female BFFs are the new power couple," and we 100% agree. Best friends are so important because they love you conditionally, never judge, and are extremely reliable. For instance, if you're having a meltdown and need to talk to someone you trust, you can call your best friend, knowing that they're headed your way before you even hang up the phone. Having a best friend is like having an extra layer of padding for life's many curveballs.

If you're feeling a little far away (emotionally or geographically) from your best friend at the moment, keep reading to remind yourself why they're so important.

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They'll Always Be Honest

Honesty is the foundation of any relationship—marriage, siblings, and, of course, best friends. Honesty is about more than the trivial stuff, like telling you when you need a breath mint. It counts and matters most when your friends can be unconditionally honest with you even though they know the truth, at first, may hurt you.

For instance, if your partner cheated on you and you're quick to forgive them, your friend may try to get you to see that they neither (your partner) love you nor value your relationship if they're capable of lying to and cheating on you. You may not want to hear that kind of negativity from someone you love, but they (your best friend) have your best interests at heart and don't want to see you hurt. Even if you get upset listening to them trash-talk your partner, you'll probably end up appreciating her honesty in the long-run.

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You Understand Each Other

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Even if you and your best friend have known each other only a short time, you know seemingly everything about each other—even if you weren't there for some of the happenings in each other's lives. Having someone in your life who really gets you is so important—especially when you need advice. People are more likely to follow advice if it feels like it's something they would actually do, rather than just something that seems like the right answer. 

Maintaining a close friendship isn't easy. If you love your friend, be sure you're both putting in the necessary effort to make it last a lifetime.

For example, if an ex who hurt you reaches out, the obvious advice may be, "Just don't respond," but simply not answering may be too out-of-character for you. Your best friend who knows you inside and out can help you figure out what to do that feels right and on-brand for you. 

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There's No Judgment

One key factor in a strong friendship is that there's a sense of safety. By that, we mean you both feel free to be yourselves at all times. If you text an ex who broke your heart, burn the Friendsgiving dinner, or splurge on something you probably shouldn't have, you know your friend won't judge you.

At the end of the day, best friends want each other to feel happy and secure in their relationship, so, for the most part, you empower each other and lift one another up.

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You Can Forgive

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If you and your friend have an argument—no matter how big—that doesn't mean your friendship is over. Quite the opposite, actually. Disagreeing every once in a while is healthy and necessary for a relationship to grow. After all, no two people agree on everything all the time, right? The key to keeping the rows healthy is that you can talk about them in calm, mature ways that end in a genuine apology and forgiveness. Once the argument is over, it's really over. You'll never use her words against her.

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