3 Things Flight Attendants Want You to Stop Doing

Updated 05/08/19
What not to do on a plane
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Flying can be stressful and tiresome, especially for those who do it day in and day out as their job. Not even frequent flyers rack up the miles like flight attendants, so who better ask than them about bettering everyone's travel experience? Going straight to the source, Business Insider asked more than 60 flight attendants to share "the annoying things they wish passengers would stop doing." They responded, and we're all ears.

Cutting out these simple in-flight faux pas will ensure happier times in the sky and make sure everyone gets to their destination in a better mood. So before your next trip, read on and take note of the things you should stop doing to make the experience easier on the flight attendants serving you, as well as everyone around you. Here are the top three behaviors, called out by flight attendants that we think you should make a concerted effort to avoid the next time you fly. Once you've committed these to your memory, check out the full list here.

Flights get delayed when the flight crew is forced to check luggage. Maximize the cabin's storage space by putting suitcases in the overhead and small bags underneath the seat in front of you, exactly as directed by flight attendants on every flight. Not only will it help keep your flight on schedule and keep from piling on extra work for your already busy crew, but it's courteous to the passengers around you.

Airlines provide menus for a reason, so if you're unsure of the offerings, scope out what's available before flight attendants make their rounds. They need to serve hundreds of people, and while they want to help, they simply don't have time to run through their list of beverages, especially when the number of choices can be in the triple digits if you count alcohol.

Even if you're trying to be polite, it's easy to be guilty of this one. There are certain times when flight attendants are prepared to serve you in different ways. Pay attention to what they're doing before you simply hand them your trash while they're pushing the beverage cart or handing out food. Also, don't head to the lavatories after the aircraft has begun its descent. This can lead to flight delays, which is no fun for anyone.

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This post was originally published on October 1, 2016, and was updated by Sacha Strebe.

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