7 Little Things You’re Doing at Work That Make You Less Likable

Luckily for us, the real world isn't like high school and being attractive, highly intelligent, and outgoing aren't the main qualifications for being a likable person. In fact, a UCLA study discovered the top characteristics of likeability were sincerity, transparency, and the ability to understand others, according to an article in Business Insider. The article also asserts that individuals have the ability to increase their likeability in the workplace by eliminating bad habits that go against those favorable characteristics. Read on to see which things you're doing that are actually hindering your ability to be liked at the office:

1. Humble bragging. Ever come across that co-worker who insists that she is "too organized?" Everyone has different skills that they excel at—and you don't need to remind everyone about yours.

2. Acting too serious. Even though you may be super-focused on something (as most passionate types are), don't forget to have a sense of humor. No one wants to be friends with the stone-faced person in the corner.

3. Always being on your phone. There is a time and a place for using your cell phone, and you know the rules. Spending too much time on it comes off as being unforgivably rude.

4. Name-dropping. It's okay to drop a name here or there, but there comes a point when it's just unnecessary. Let your good work speak for itself, not who you may or may not know.

5. Gossiping. There is no need to ever spread rumors, and once your name is associated with this bad habit, chances are no one will ever feel comfortable confiding in you again.

6. Being close-minded. Showing any inkling of not being tolerant of a person or situation makes you come off as unapproachable. And can you blame anyone for feeling that way?

7. Sharing TMI too early on. Be mindful that you're in a professional environment and your coworkers are not paid to be your sounding board. If you need to cry about last night's bad date or your insensitive roommate, call your best friend. 

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Which bad habits make you dislike people at work?