12 Things That Aren't on Your Bucket List—But Should Be

When you hear the term "bucket list," the usual suspects spring to mind—travel experiences, breathtaking hot-air balloon rides, dinner at one of the world's top restaurants—but we think it's time you hit the reset button. While these are all amazing things to do before you die, your checklist could do with a few more meaningful and eye-opening activities. It's time to turn your standard list into an extraordinary one. Besides, it's the experiences that will make you the happiest.

If you haven't written your list yet (or if it needs a major revision), take a scroll through our suggestions before you put pen to paper. From traveling solo to starting a garden or discovering your ancestral past, these 12 things to put on your bucket list sit firmly outside the norm. So grab your notepad and start writing yours down because we guarantee you'll want to add these bucket list ideas.