18 Things to Do at Night Based on Your Mood

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When the sun sets and you're ready to call it a day, how do you feel? Excited and finally ready to wake up? Or are you a sun worshiper who likes to rise early and tuck yourself in before 8 p.m.? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle and, if you've been busy at work all day or out exploring, then you may find yourself without plans when nighttime rolls around. To help you make the most of your evening, we created a comprehensive list of things to do at night...totally based on your mood. 

Whether you're afraid of the dark and rise early or you come alive after the sun sets, we made sure to include activity ideas for those who simply want to be productive and cross things off their to-do list as well as anyone looking for a good time. So start planning and get excited for the night ahead.

Read on for 18 things to do at night, based on your mood at the moment.

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Go Bar Hopping

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Rally up your friends and plan a night of bar hopping. To make things a little more interesting, consider picking a lineup of funky dive bars or retro speakeasies instead of your same old haunts. Or, if it's warm out, a rooftop is also always a great option if it's not raining!

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See a Show

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Try out everything from comedy clubs to local theater shows...and even immersive theater companies. Or, if that's not exactly your scene, consider opting for something a little more formal, like going to the opera, ballet, or symphony. At the very least, it's a fun excuse to get all dressed up—whether you're heading out solo or making a fun date night of it.

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Push Yourself

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Switch up your go-to date night activities, whether that means finding a potential first date on a dating app or treating your long-term partner to something they love—totally out of the blue. Turn this evening into a romantic one, with half the fun coming from trying out something new.

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Go to a Concert

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Get tickets to see a concert. Whether you go alone, with some friends, or with a significant other is up to you—it's really just about the stage, the music, and the dancing. Even if you don't know the artist, you could end up having a great time listening to live music and drinking a beer with strangers.

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Throw a House Party

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Convince one of your friends to host a house party, or even volunteer your own digs if you're up for it. If a full-blown event sounds a little too ambitious, offer to host a small cocktail or dinner party with just a few friends, and then head out afterward to meet some more.

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Explore Your Hood

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Research local happenings, events, and offbeat venues, and plan a cultural excursion to the ones that catch your eye. Look into gallery openings, karaoke bars, dance halls, roller rinks, bowling alleys, and escape rooms for a mix of fun activities that aren't part of your normal routine. Sometimes you spend so much time exploring other places that you don't realize what your own neighborhood has to offer.

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Go for a night walk, hike, or workout class at a gym that's open late. If you have a lot of energy to blow but don't feel like partying, this is a great alternative. And it'll make you feel great afterward. At the very least, you'll have a better night's sleep when you're through.

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Have a Wine Night

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Invite all your friends over for a wine and cheese night. Get to know each other better by asking 30 questions once the wine is-a-flowing and the cheese is-a-coming.

Consider taking a class or hosting a private event with the sister duo behind Ignoble Grapes, as they take you on an in-person or virtual journey of some wines you've never tasted before.

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Go Retro

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Adult you might be, but it's time to indulge in some old favorites, like a sleepover with your besties. Plan a slumber party with all the nostalgic favorites we remember from childhood. It's time to whip out the facemasks and play a round of M.A.S.H.—while also watching Clueless and reciting all the lines to one another.

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Have a Game Night

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Make family game night fun again by ordering in your favorite meal and then playing some interesting card games with your loved ones. Whether with family or friends, you might consider rotating it weekly, not only hosted at various houses and when different individuals pick the games on hand.

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Take a Cooking Class

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Sign up for an evening cooking class or see if there are any private cooking teachers who can come give you an in-home lesson. Not only is it a fun activity while it's happening, but you'll have a yummy meal to show for it and might have even picked up a few lessons along the way to use at a later date.

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Read the Future

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Invite some friends over and learn how to read each other's palms and tarot cards. Then tell each other's fortunes and see what you all come up with. It's a great party trick you'll find yourself using with close and new friends alike.

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Read a Book

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Grab that book you've been dying to read and then curl up with it in bed. After all, you've been staring at it on your bedside table for weeks. Who says you need to do anything else tonight? Sometimes the best evening activities are the most low-key ones.

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Cook at Home

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Make yourself a homecooked meal and then enjoy it in front of the TV or with a good book in hand. Might we suggest watching a little Bon Appetit on YouTube? It's the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe before you show it off to all of your friends.

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Take a long drive through town or go for a walk in the city and grab a drink at an outdoor café for some people watching. Whether you're alone and catching up on your favorite podcast, or hanging with friends and blasting tunes with the car windows down, it's a great way to decompress after a long day.

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Break out the mop. We know, this may not sound like the most exciting evening plan, but if it's the middle of the workweek and you've been too busy to catch up on tedious housekeeping items like paying your bills, doing laundry, and mopping the floors, dedicate tonight to checking them off your to-do-list. We promise: You'll feel a lot less stressed once it's all done and no longer looming over you every time you walk in the door.

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Pamper Yourself

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Spend the entire evening pampering yourself. We're talking face masks, bubble baths, and manicures—the works. Then, tuck yourself in early for a good lounge session in your favorite pair of pajamas with a new Netflix show all set to binge.

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Have a Viewing Party

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Have a solo viewing party of all your favorite childhood movies and shows (or some of them at least...since they probably can't all be squeezed into one evening). You can order take-out, curl up on the couch, and re-live all of the best rom coms and thrillers alike.

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