It's Not Over Yet—33 Things to Do Before Summer Ends That Guarantee Fun

In the blink of an eye, summertime has this way of fading away and transitioning into fall. Which means we need to say goodbye to summer Fridays, rooftop rosée, picnics in the parkbeach days, and so much more—giving us even more of a reason to soak up what we have left of our favorite season. To make sure every day we have left is optimized, we've decided to create an unofficial checklist of the absolute best things to do before summer ends.

It's everything you can't do or that just won't be the same once the season changes. And as much as we want to encourage you to go out and take adventures, there are also plenty of exciting things you can do at home in case travel just isn't in the cards this year. Since we're a little over halfway through summer, you've still got plenty of time to check off most of these 33 things to do before summer ends (or the whole shebang, for that matter). Go on, see what's on our bucket list—and then enjoy these awesome seasonal activities. We dare you.