Out of Office: 22 Snow Day Activities That Are Anything But Boring

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When you were a kid, snow days were magical. As soon as you woke up, you'd peek through the blinds hoping with all your might that the ground would be carpeted in a dense layer of snow. But now that you’re an adult with mounting deadlines and a jam-packed schedule to deal with, snows days have lost a bit of their magic and can feel like more of an inconvenience—and sometimes, snowstorms can be downright terrifying.

Preparing for a snowstorm is a wise step to stay safe and comfortable during a blizzard. Start by making an emergency kit, involving items like water, non-perishable food and extra batteries, along with other things listed on the American Red Cross's checklist. If you're living in a house, consider better insulating its walls prior to winter and purchasing items like a generator or shovel. If the power goes out and stays out for days, you'll be thankful you thought ahead.

If you’re stuck indoors and are utterly bored, we’re making a case to change the way you think about your day off. Even if you're working from home, use the day as a chance to do all the activities you’re too busy for—the things you once loved doing but don’t get around to on the regular. Perhaps it’s getting creative with an easel and paintbrush or maybe it’s finally finishing that novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months.

Wondering what to do on snow days? We've rounded up 22 things that will help you stay occupied as you hunker down by the fire.

1. Play a board game. Choose an old-school board game you haven't played in forever. That Monopoly at the back of your closet is dying to be played, and a snow day is a great day to do so.

2. Transform your bathroom into a home spa. Light scented candles, fill a bath with bubbles and hot water, and relax. Whatever self-care you prefer, treat yourself while stuck inside—and you can use up all those pricey samples that are taking up space in the bottom drawer of your vanity.

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3. Start reading a new book. Or, finish one you've been meaning to get through.

4. Binge-watch the latest documentary or Netflix show you’ve been hearing so much about.

5. Or have a movie marathon. Pick a genre (romantic comedy, period drama, etc.) or actress (Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, etc.), and watch three movies in a row.

6. Throw a snowed-in dinner party. What better during a snowstorm than spending time with the ones you love—even if it's virtually? Invite your roommates, partner, or family to a dinner party, either in person or on Zoom. Even if it's through a screen, you can still eat, drink, and be merry while stuck inside.

7. Clean out your closet. You’re stuck at home, so you might as well do something productive.

Neat closet.

8. Get lost on Pinterest. That gallery wall you’ve been wanting to find inspiration for? Looking to create your dream home office? Use this free time to peruse ideas.

9. Do a meditation course. Apps like Headspace and Calm are perfect for carving space in the day for mindfulness.

10. Open a good bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion and enjoy it with dinner—or anytime of the day.

11. Take an online course. Now’s the time to finally learn to make your own website and create a strong online presence.

12. Practice your barista skills. Since you may not want to venture by car to your local coffee shop, try and recreate your favorite pour over at home.

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13. Update your LinkedIn profile. Snow days can be productive, too, if you so choose. Take some time to update your LinkedIn with your most recent professional happenings and reach out to a person in your industry who you admire.

14. Play dress-up in your own closet. You’ve probably got something coming up that you need an outfit for, right? Figure out what you are going to wear on that date, job interview, or weekend getaway.

15. Put on your snow clothes and go outside for a snow romp.

16. Do a little online shopping. No judgment on how many orders you place—we promise.

17. Style your coffee table. Feel free to try a new look with styled books or décor pieces.

18. Have a crafternoon: There are endlessly snow day crafts to create, from homemade cards to scrapbooking to watercolor painting.

19. Start a mindfulness project. If you've been constantly moving and stressing, take time this snow day for reflection and gratitude. Journaling and meditating are reliving activities to take your mind off your stressors.


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20. Plan your next getaway.

21. Get creative and purchase new artwork for your home. Support a small business and order new prints for your home on Etsy. There are an infinitve amount of artists to support—and your space will look so fresh and styled.

22. Change up the furniture layout in your apartment or living room. You have nothing to do and nowhere to be, so simply relax and take a closer look at your current layout. If something doesn't feel right, switch it around.

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